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Recently returned to the Kingston area and employed at the Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC), 22966 Lt(N) Josée Proulx lives an active healthy lifestyle while inspiring others to do the same through her effortless combination of fitness, sport and competition with an emphasis on fun and friends.

Combines Fitness, Sport & Fun

As a Royal Military College (RMC) engineering graduate, time management and work-life balance is not a new concept for her. A true athlete, she is constantly seeking new sports and challenges, rarely staying long enough in one to rest on her laurels. Due to a transitional varsity program during her time at the college and thanks to her ability to compete at a high level in a variety of sports, Josée competed with the Varsity Rugby, Track and Field, and Basketball teams. Unable to choose just one sport upon graduation from RMC, Josée focused on three: Triathlon!

Combining competition with travel, her first Triathlon was an Olympic distance race that took her swimming through the river Thames, cycling over the London Bridge and on a tour of beautiful downtown London, England. She has since competed with the CISM Triathlon Team internationally, and completed Ironman Canada in 2008. Training for an Ironman means training for a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike, and marathon; while this can consume a person’s entire life, Josée strove for balance while on the West Coast with such tactics as pre-deploying her surfboard with friends in order to free herself up to cycle the 60km to the beach and get her training miles in while not missing out on the fun.

Josée, through her unique approach, has become a fitness and lifestyle mentor to both serious training partners and friends. Always keeping the training fun, she has been known to sway even the most serious training partners to interrupt 6 hour training rides, put dietary discipline aside, an stop to enjoy a scrumptious lunch at a local café or alter her own training plans in order to accommodate any friend that may be persuade to join her for a couple kilometres. This training regime led to her first Ironman time of a very satisfying 12:33 (ask her about vanilla gel packets).

Lt(N) Proulx is currently a Running Room Half Marathon clinic instructor, training her group for the Ottawa Race weekend in May. The mixed group of young and old, novice and veteran is training for a 2:00 race time The Participant medal they will all earn to either start or add to their own collections at home will be especially satisfying to Josée, who will add it to her collection as the first of many earned as an instructor.

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