Celebrating International Women’s Day

Canadian Military Colleges graduates are trailblazers living up to the Truth, Duty and Valour motto. These leaders have shown exemplary skills in various fields and have proved the effectiveness of the four pillars of education, athletics, bilingualism and military leadership. Today and every day, we celebrate these inspirational leaders.

Interview with 21936 Amber Comisso RMC Class of 2001

“Especially with our current personnel challenges, being a leader today means getting to know your subordinates and figuring out how to help them improve on their weaknesses and continue to develop their strengths..”

eVeritas Interview with 16656 Scott Clancy CMR 1989

…what never changed from that day in 1984, was my desire to serve my country. I knew in 1984 that I wanted to fly. I had an innate feeling that later I recognised was a desire to lead and follow to the best of my ability. The rest is a series of opportunities and choices.

23886 LCol Lydia Evéquoz, Class of 2008, Co-Leads Elevate Aviation Initiative for Women to thrive in their Aviation Careers

In 2019, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) partnered with Elevate Aviation, a non-profit organization that provides a platform for women and underrepresented groups to thrive and succeed through careers in aviation. Through this partnership, among many other programs and initiatives, an RCAF-wide informal mentorship program was developed.

23718 Major Meghan Joiner, Class of 2005, Talks about her dream job becoming a reality

  Maj M.K. (Meghan) Joiner, CD, MD, CCFP Born in Calgary, Alta., and raised in Truro, N.S., Maj Meghan Joiner enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 2001. She holds a BA in Business Administration, a certification in Health Care Administration, an MD from the University of Calgary and is a family physician with her CCFP.…

An Army Girl’s Perspective – The Burden of Command

I learned a great deal about the weight of responsibility as an Executive Assistant to a General Officer. I had the obvious duties of coordinating and preparing him for his meetings with his subordinates, general staff, or outside civilian and government partners. I was the “gatekeeper” to his office to some degree for both written documentation and for office calls. I knew I would be privy to sensitive things and I would have to demonstrate total discretion. I expected that going into the job. But I only fully appreciated, once I was seated in the position, that I as a member of the inner sanctum I was one of the most trusted people within his circle. I was privy to the personal deliberations that came with the most challenging decisions. I had the opportunity to see the human side of command at higher levels.

23384 Major Alexia Hannam (nee Shore), Class of 2006, has always dreamt of flying

Major Alexia Hannam is a military helicopter pilot, currently responsible for the Flight Safety program in Cold Lake, AB. Previously she was the Commanding Officer of 417 Squadron, still actively helping the unit and flying their Search and Rescue Griffon helicopters

eVeritas Interview with 17147 Earle Hall, CMR Class of 1991

I will never forget walking off the parade square at graduation. As the tears rolled … it was so bittersweet as the struggle and strife to make it through six years was suddenly replaced with the instantaneous longing for the comradery to continue as we all prepared to go our separate ways. Friends like that… you never make again and it is a hole that lasts forever.

eVeritas Interview with 25492 Maj. Mohamad Iskandarani, RMC Class of 2012

Many things are wrong around us, either personal or professional. While it’s healthy to complain every now and then, action is what is necessary. Engineering is seeking efficiencies, optimizing conditions and creating solutions to real problems. I enjoy creating efficiency in my personal life and modeling improvement over time. In our own little sphere of influence, let us try to engineer a better future.

21364 Col Jeremy Hansen, RMC Class of 1999, is on a mission …. a mission to the moon!

Lieutenant-Colonel Jeremy Hansen credits the Royal Military College of Canada, where he obtained a degree in Space Science and a Master of Science in Physics, for preparing him for an out-of-this-world career with the Canadian Astronaut Corps.

Ex Cadets Provide Critical Post Fiona Hurricane Disaster Help to Residents of PEI

Team Rubicon is a veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises. (https://team-rubicon.ca). A growing number of ex-cadets are volunteering doing everything from chainsaw work to leading strike teams and holding positions in the emergency operation centers.

Mentors in the Making: Reflections of Military College Women

Article by 15566 Helga Rausch This is the first instalment in a series introducing readers to women who attended one of Canada’s three military colleges. Not all wore scarlet, some are not alumni; but we have military college experience in common. These profiles will share stories from college days and lives after college. Most will…