Good afternoon Bill,

I am sure you have plenty of ex-cadets contacting you about their own fundraising efforts and I am not sure if this is even possible, but no better way to find out than to ask!

Last year, I used by annual leave to go on a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua. My team was there for two weeks and among other things, we fed children at a feeding centre, visited local orphanages and hospitals and built a classroom in an impoverished community. My experience was life changing, so much so that I have volunteered to lead a team on a trip that leaves at the end of December.

This time, we will be building a home instead of a classroom!

Fundraising has proven difficult, as I’m sure you can understand. After just attending ex-cadet weekend, I realized that there may be some others who would like to get involved in this project. Where they may not be able to join us physically, they may be able to support financially.

I have attached a letter explaining the project and directing people to the not for profit organization’s website for more information. Can you provide any advice on how I might let other ex-cadets know what we are doing?

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

22945 – Lt(N) Carrie Topping

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