Third Update on Royal Military Colleges of Canada Alumni Association activities in response to the Arbour Report

Minister Anand recently replied to our Chair’s letter and recognized the Association’s support of positive change at the military colleges.  The Minister explained that (at the time of writing) details of the review have not yet been determined (i.e., mandate, leadership, composition).  That said the Minister noted that the alumni, alongside all other stakeholders, will be fully consulted over the course of any review.  The Minister also expressed appreciation for the Association’s support for CAF reconstitution and culture change.

Cultural Evolution at RMC – Working at the Speed of Trust

Speculation has also followed the announcement by the Commandant of a program of cultural change or renewal at RMC. This article outlines what culture and cultural ‘evolution’ are and what is underway at the College. Only recently has the name of this process, been revised from ‘cultural change’ to ‘cultural evolution,’ as the latter term best encapsulates its goals.

eVeritas Interview with 17147 Earle Hall, CMR Class of 1991

I will never forget walking off the parade square at graduation. As the tears rolled … it was so bittersweet as the struggle and strife to make it through six years was suddenly replaced with the instantaneous longing for the comradery to continue as we all prepared to go our separate ways. Friends like that… you never make again and it is a hole that lasts forever.

eVeritas Interview with 25492 Maj. Mohamad Iskandarani, RMC Class of 2012

Many things are wrong around us, either personal or professional. While it’s healthy to complain every now and then, action is what is necessary. Engineering is seeking efficiencies, optimizing conditions and creating solutions to real problems. I enjoy creating efficiency in my personal life and modeling improvement over time. In our own little sphere of influence, let us try to engineer a better future.

21364 Col Jeremy Hansen, RMC Class of 1999, is on a mission …. a mission to the moon!

Lieutenant-Colonel Jeremy Hansen credits the Royal Military College of Canada, where he obtained a degree in Space Science and a Master of Science in Physics, for preparing him for an out-of-this-world career with the Canadian Astronaut Corps.

The younger generation strikes back ! Les plus jeunes l’emportent !

Article by : 16179 Pierre-Paul Béland CMR RMC Class of 1988 If there is one thing to remember from the 48th Edition of  le Tournoi de Ballon sur glace des Anciennes\Anciens au CMR St-Jean (03-05 Feb 2023), it is that the younger generation sure taught a serious lesson to the Old timers. À commencer par…

Paladins Drop Tight Overtime Loss to Gaels at the 35th Carr-Harris Cup

The 35th Annual Carr-Harris Cup was played in front of a packed crowd on Thursday 2 February with 3,986 people in attendance to watch the Queen’s Gaels take on the RMC Paladins in Men’s Hockey action. It was a nail biter for 3 periods with a 1-1 tie closing out the 3rd and taking us…

We want your feedback

We want your feedback on eVeritas and how we can improve our service to you! Stay tuned in our next issue for a short readership survey. Tell us what you want to read, and where we can improve.  All responses will be kept confidential and all data collected will be used for the sole purpose…

Naval Association of Canada organizes a Conversation with Bill Matthews, Deputy Minister of National Defence

Naval Association of Canada organizes a Conversation with Bill Matthews, Deputy Minister of National Defence

Neurodiversity: Experimenting with Immersive Virtual Reality

As future officers in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Officer Cadets and Naval Cadets are learning to act as leaders, manage members of the CAF and civilians, and relate to citizens from various backgrounds. Considering the prevalence of ASD, it is reasonable to expect that they will have substantial engagement with individuals living with the condition.

Officer and Naval Cadets take part in Ex BLIZZARD NORDIQUE

Officer and Naval Cadets participated in the annual BLIZZARD NORDIQUE from 27-29 January at the Farnham training site.

Annual Haycock Lecture – The Mobilization of the North American Defence Industry

All are welcome to attend the Annual Ronald Haycock Lecture offered by the War Studies program and supported through the RMC Alumni Association on 9 March 2023 at 1700 hrs in Currie Hall.