For the students and alumni of Canada’s military colleges | Pour les étudiant(e)s et ANCIEN(NE)S des Collèges militaires du Canada


Member of the Board of Directors/ Membre du conseil d’administration

Position Description: The Royal Military Colleges of Canada Alumni Association Inc. is seeking up to three board directors to begin a three-year term starting in October 2024.  

We are especially interested in receiving applications from people who have a background in non-profit governance, non-profit organizations and their legal responsibilities and public-private partnerships.  The Association is committed to supporting the Canadian Military Colleges and the Canadian Armed Forces in achieving their objectives for professional conduct and culture change, including reflecting the diversity of Canada’s population.


RMC Convocation and Commissioning

With sunshine in their hearts and dreams in their minds, these new officers of the Canadian Armed Forces embark on their unique journeys.
From a picturesque Commissioning Parade to a cheerful embrace, we wish them all the greatest success ahead. Bravo Zulu!


Commissioning Ceremony RMC Saint-Jean/ Remise des brevets d’officiers CMR Saint-Jean

Félicitations aux aspirants de marine et élèves-officiers pour votre performance ce matin ! Soulignons au passage les officiers de la classe 2024 qui ont obtenu leur commission d’officier, ceux et celles qui ont reçu des prix, mais aussi ceux qui ont complété leur cheminement au CMR Saint-Jean. Vous aimeriez voir ou revoir la remise des…


Département d’histoire CMR Réalisations / History department RMC Achievements

The History Department is delighted to congratulate 2Lt Ethan Charters, pictured here with RMC history professors Dr. Kevin Brushett, Head of the History Department, and Dr. Jim Kenny, for winning the Doreen and John Windsor Award during yesterday’s convocation ceremony. Ethan’s honour’s undergraduate thesis, which was supervised by Dr. Kenny, is titled “Change Without Progress:…

Scott Gillingham 1

Father and Son Connection at RMC

27 years ago Col Scott Gillingham walked through the Memorial Arch celebrating his four year journey at RMC.  On Thursday 16 May he had the pleasure of watching his son  2Lt Gillingham do exactly the same.  Col Gillingham was even able to present his son his commissioning scroll. Thank you to Col Gillingham for sharing…


As You Set Forth Message to the Graduating Class of 2024 from Your Alumni Association

On behalf of the Royal Military Colleges of Canada Alumni Association, it is with great pride and excitement that I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and your fellow graduates of the Class of 2024. As the Chairman of the Alumni Association, I am privileged to witness the remarkable achievements and dedication demonstrated by the…


To the Graduating Class of 2024 From the Graduating Class of Royal Roads 1952 / RMC 1954

We salute you on having reached this milestone moment along your journey  from being Officer Cadets to becoming Ex-cadets and future leaders in a world that is sorely in need of your help. A bit about us: We were born and grew up during The Great Depression. Many of us had family members who served…

Class 1970

Message of Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2024 From the Class of 1970

You already know you can count upon classmates for guidance, and to have your back. You will soon learn that the men and women who graduated a year before you, or a year after, or fifty years before or after, will be there as well.

Plaque remise classe 71 à la graduation version 1

To our friends graduating in 2024 From the Class of 1971-1976

To our friends graduating in 2024, Yep, you are really part of a very special group, and you can be proud of the past four or five years spent honing all those skills. They will help you make a difference serving your country. Congratulations in braving all those moments (some good, some bad) and succeeding…


Class of ’72 Message to Graduates

Congratulations, Class of ’24! We all know it has been a hard slog with ups and downs, highs and lows, hard work, and a lot of fun.  Your next steps will start your life’s path in endeavours that will benefit our country, the Armed Forces, you, your family and your friends. Remember where you started…


Best Wishes to the Class of 2024 From the Class of 1975

Marching off the Square in 1975 was a momentous day for us, but it was only the beginning of something much greater. In the 49 years since, we have faced numerous challenges, accomplished many things and experienced much joy in our lives. May your future be as interesting and rewarding as our experiences have been.…

Falaise with Bob and Dwight 1979

Message to the Class of 2024 From the Class of 1979

On behalf of the Class of 1979, it is my absolute delight to extend hearty congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2024, not least that you were able to march off the Square under much sunnier skies than did we those many years ago — the attached grainy pre-digital picture gives a sense of the…