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Fin de semaine des retrouvailles – 25 et 26 août 2023

La prochaine grande activité à mettre à vos calendriers sera la Fin de semaine des Retrouvailles 2023 et l’intronisation de la classe de 1973 dans la Vieille Brigade, les 25 et 26 août prochains. Venez célébrer soit le vendredi soir pour le DMCV ou encore pour le grand souper du samedi. Réservez dès maintenant vos places en ligne sur notre site web, dont voici les liens plus bas. Serez-vous au rendez-vous? On vous attend en grand nombre!


Royal Roads Homecoming 8-10 September 2023 

Homecoming Weekend at Royal Roads University (RRU) has been an annual event since 2001. The event is intended for all RRU alumni which includes anyone who attended Royal Roads through its evolution as first a Naval College, then a tri-service Military College, through to being a civilian University. So far it mainly attracts ex-cadets but RRU strives to include events that could attract more recent graduates as well. The Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club (VIECC) has worked with RRU to plan and take part in Homecomings since their inception.

RMC Ex-Cadet Parade

RMC Reunion Weekend 15-16 September

We look forward to celebrating with you.  Don’t forget to follow us on social media to see all the action and be up to date on any weather-related changes.


Canadian Military Journal – A Different Kind of Alumni Association for the Royal Military Colleges of Canada

George Lundy, Chair RMC Alumni Association. Graduated from RMC in 1990. He served in the RCN until 2002. He leads Anvil Smith Cooper’s (ASC Engineered Solutions) Canadian business unit. Jill Carleton. Past Chair RMC Alumni Association. Graduated from RMC in 1987. She served as a Naval Logistics Officer until 2005, and subsequently worked as an Executive at the Canadian Forces Housing Agency. She has served on the Board of Governors of Excellence Canada as well as on the board of both the RMC Club and the RMC Foundation. She was the first Chair of the RMC Alumni Association.


Looking For Old Brigade Kit?

https://store.rmcalumni.ca/   On your compatible phone or tablet, open the built-in camera app. Point the camera at the QR code. Tap the banner that appears on your phone or tablet. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish.            


Sports Recruits – New and Old

Welcome to the Paladin Family


RMC Alumni Association Ottawa Branch Golf Tournament Report

Our sincere thanks for making this annual fundraising tournament an outstanding success. We were blessed with fabulous weather and excellent support from the Greensmere Golf Club team. We had a record crowd of over 175 in attendance including a full field (plus) of 168 golfers. Notably, 151 of these 175+ attendees were alumni of our military colleges. Together with our guests and corporate sponsor participants we had a most enjoyable day of golf, comradery, and significant amusement.


2023-2024 Sports Schedule

Spikin’ our way into a new season! The men’s volleyball team gets things started against the Queen’s Gaels on Nov. 3! Your Paladins women’s volleyball team gets their season started at home against the Queen’s Gaels on Nov. 3. : Get full schedule details on gopaladinsgo.ca. Une nouvelle saison commence! L’équipe masculine de volley-ball commencera…

Battle of the Classes

The 5th Annual Battle of the Classes officially begins 1 August 2023 and runs until 31 December 2023. All donations to any program/project will be included in your Class Cumulative Total for the challenge. The Class of 1970 was the winner in 2019, the Class of 1969 for 2020, the Class of 1980 in 2021…


Past in Review – USMA – RMC: The Frozen Rivalry

Article submitted by 7776 Chris A.R. Lythgo, CD, MBA, P.Eng., CPM from West Point Magazine Winter 2023 PDF Copy can be found here for ease of reading

Peggy's Cove 2021

11338 Bruce Barteaux aims to start his Old Brigade entry with a 100-Kilometre run fresh under his heels

Article submitted by:  11338 Bruce Barteaux, Class of 1978 It should come as no surprise that the Class of 1978 have been looking forward to Ex-Cadet weekend in 2023 as it will mark their entry into the Old Brigade.  While members of the Old Brigade are highly respected and esteemed for their many years of…

Connect App

RMC Connect / CMR Connecte

In the past year the RMC Alumni Association has rolled out a new social networking platform and connection point for our Alumni called RMC Connect. RMC Connect will serve as your one stop shop for all things Alumni related.  You can find and post jobs for other alumni to see, search for events in your…