Royal Military College Wall of Honour Acceptance Speech by Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Robert Banks

Through drill and class, and of course much more, RMC gave me the educational range, flexibility, determination, and confidence to think broadly in a way that allowed me to bring knowledge from disparate skillsets to solve a problem. In my case, the skillsets were engineering, flying and medicine. While I may have been average at each of these, it was the intersection of these skills, applied at the right time, when needed, that allowed me to think in ways that were different than others.

Nominations are now open to be inducted onto the Athletics Wall of Distinction!

Do you know a classmate who shattered records at the military colleges, or went on to display their athletic prowess after graduation? Do you remember any alumni or staff who made a monumental difference in the sport landscape at the colleges and beyond? Was there a team that stood out for their achievements in competition?…

RMC Class of ’69: Annual Invitational Golf Week 2022

The 2022 edition of the Class of ’69 golf classic took place the week of 10-17 September, again in the beautiful Muskoka region near Huntsville, ON. Hosted by 8061 Bob Morton, we were able to enjoy the beautiful Mary Lake property of Mark & Debbie Pacinda. In the 22 years this event has been held…

The Nominating Committee is now soliciting nominations for 2023 inductees to the RMC Wall of Honour

Do you know an RMC graduate or classmate who has made a difference in their community, their profession or the CAF?  An ex-cadet who has had a career of outstanding achievements and/or contributions to Canada or the world, that would inspire present day cadets at RMC to strive to similar heights in their lives?  Someone…

10263 Don Lovell, Class of 1974, Sets 5 New Power Lifting National Records

On Sunday 26 June 2022 10263 Don Lovell competed in the Masters IV Age 70+ Power Lifting Competition.  

Finally – A Gathering of Class 66

Fate has not been kind to the attempts of the Class of 66 to have a reunion. Early In 2020 when planning for our class reunion for the following year had started, COVID came along.  We believed the health sages who said that COVID would be short lived but this was not to be.

Roads Memories – Mutiny on Mount Benson

Our group would consist entirely of first year UTPM cadets and, as luck would have it, we were the last group to trek up the mountain late in the afternoon. Now some of the guys were immediately suspicious that what we were being given wasn’t really a bomb, as it looked more like a “ten“ foot log. However, Mike Guerrard and Rick Touchett rightly pointed out that it had to be a bomb as it was clearly marked in both official languages. “The Bomb” on one side and “Le Bomb” on the other side.

The Arch – A Poem from 6940 Ron Stewart, Class of 1966

The Arch Blow soft you strong winds over the rich dead let bugles sound sad mourning strains as we step slow march to the rrrrum, pum, pum of the kilties’ lament on their pipes, on their drums. The scarlet lines were long and straight blue pill boxes wrapped in gold slow-marched in solemn dignity as…

The Class of 1992 and the Class of 2022 now share a bond of loss and of remembrance – Message from the Class of 1992

The Class of 1992 and the Class of 2022 now share a bond of loss and of remembrance. We will return every five years – together – to remember our time at RMC, those who return, those who do not and those who never could. I hope that the Class of 2022 can find a way to memorialize their lost classmates as we have. And I hope that across the 30 years that separates our classes, we can see ourselves in each other, bound by a common sadness of loss but comforted by the shared warmth of reminiscence.

My class have lost classmates as well.  We have lost them due to their military service as well as after – Messages from the Class of 1984

So, while it may seem that these are likely the ramblings of someone who was born practically in the middle of the last century, it is also the voice of experience.  And with that experience, I urge you to keep that contact between yourselves as a class.  Embrace that unique relationship you all have because of your time at the College.  The friendships you have made at RMC will last you a lifetime.

These lessons and memories will help you deal with all the future challenges that come your way – Message from the Class of 1979

Our Class has lost several classmates through the years and it always causes sadness and grief when we think of them to know that we will never meet again to tell stories and share experiences. However, in a strange way. it also always gives us a chance when we think of them to remember them fondly, to rejoice at knowing them, and to recall what we learned from them during our time together.

It is a unique experience that only those who have passed through the Colleges would understand – Message from the Class of 2017

The road was challenging: room and uniform inspections, parade practices, military training, SLT, intramurals, PPT, essays, science labs, late night study sessions fueled by caffeine, exams, capstone projects… you did it all, you made it through.