The Homes 4 Heroes Foundation (H4HF) was created in response to those military veterans who face difficulties on return to civilian life and end up homeless.  As many as 5,000 veterans are homeless in Canada today.

These veterans put their lives on the line for their country and now need, and deserve, our support.

Homes 4 Heroes is creating small “villages” of 15 to 20 houses along with the resources, services and training that will enable them to successfully transition back into civilian life. In late 2019, the first Village of tiny homes opened in Calgary and additional ones are planned or under construction, including a Kingston Village to be built in 2022.

Started by a civilian, David Howard, in 2017, H4H benefits significantly from the leadership and involvement of a number of ex-Cadets, including Honorary Chair, 16294 Stephen Lacroix; Director of Fund Development,9660 Cameron Diggon; 10572 Mark Hutchings, who led the Hill 70 project; 18562 Simon Bernard, ex-Commandant of CMR, who is seeking project support in Quebec, and 9413 Cam Ross, seeking project support in BC.

For details on how you can help, please visit the H4H website at or view the brochure at the link below.

5675 Dennis Apedaile 

For fellow Ex-Cadets on behalf of Homes 4 Heroes


La Fondation Homes 4 Heroes (H4H) a été créée en réaction aux difficultés auxquelles font face bien des vétérans lorsqu’ils retournent à la vie civile, et se retrouvent sans abri. Plus de 5,000 vétérans sont sans abri en ce moment au Canada.

Ces vétérans ont dédié leur vie pour leur pays, et ont maintenant besoin et méritent notre support.

Homes for Heroes crée de petits « villages » de 15 à 20 minimaisons ainsi que les ressources, services et formation qui leur permettront de faire avec succès la transition à la vie civile. Le premier village de minimaisons a ouvert ses portes à Calgary vers la fin de 2019; d’autres sont prévus ou en construction, incluant le Village de Kingston qui sera construit en 2022.

Lancé par un civil, David Howard, en 2017, H4H est supporté par le leadership et l’implication de nombre d’anciens, y compris le président honoraire, 16294 Stephen Lacroix; le directeur du développement du fonds, 9660 Cameron Diggon; 10572 Mark Hutchings, qui a mené le projet Hill 70; 18562 Simon Bernard, ex-commandant du CMR Saint-Jean, qui sollicite le support pour le projet au Québec, et 9413 Cam Ross, qui sollicite le support pour le projet en C-B.

Pour tous détails sur votre implication, veuillez visiter le site H4H à ou consultez la brochure au lien qui suit.

5675 Dennis Apedaile

Pour les Anciens confrères au nom de Homes 4 Heroes

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  1. Karmin McKay on May 27, 2021 at 9:53 pm

    The Calgary based Veterans Association Food Bank (VAFB) (with a satellite office in Edmonton) also provides support to the veteran’s living in the Calgary homes for heroes village. In addition, both locations provide monthly food hampers for many veterans and their families. The VAFB is far more than just a food bank. Please take the time to look at the website. This type of foodbank works hand in hand with the tiny homes and their clients. Several ex-cadets have volunteered at one or both of them

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