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We came across some Military College Ex cadets who wrote papers at Canadian Forces College in Toronto in 2008.

14245 Captain Richard RD Foster (CMR RMC 1984) Going to combat!
Influencing Canada’s decision-making process. Foster.RD@forces.gc.ca

13041 Colonel Jim J.B. Simms (CMR 1982) Joint Interagency Multi-national and Public (JIMP) environment: making sense of a crowded battle-space.

14162 Captain (N) Marc E St-Jean (CMR 1983) Rising tide that lifts leaky boats: public-private partnerships for naval infrastructure renewal

13666 Colonel Steven P Noonan (RMC 1982) Strategic communication: a transformational approach Noonan.SP@forces.gc.ca



Catching Up on other sports:

RMC still in search of (m) volleyball victory

The Royal Military College Paladins dropped their opening two matches of the OUA men’s volleyball season. RMC lost in straight sets 3-0 (16-25, 22-25, 23-25) to Western (2-0) in their home opener on Friday night.

The Paladins then fell 3-1 (14-25, 27-25, 21-25, 20-25) to Windsor on Saturday.

Although losing the two matches from all indications of the scores in all their seven games they are competing.

RMC women winless in volleyball

The RMC volleyball team is still looking for its first win after dropping their match to Brock on the weekend.

The Paladins (0-2) lost 3-0 to the Badgers by scores of:25-8, 25,14, and 25-17.

(M) Rugby loses sudden death play-off game to Brock by a score of 51-9.



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