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Intl Meeting on Military Academies, Colleges and Schools – Nov 3-5, 2010, RMC Saint-Jean

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean, with the support of the Canadian Defence Academy and in collaboration with the Royal Military College of Canada, will host the International Meeting on Military Academies, Colleges, and Schools from November 3rd to 5th, 2010. This meeting will provide the occasion to explore topics of interest to institutions whose core objective is the intellectual and professional training of future officers.

This bilingual, multidisciplinary event will bring together academics and military personnel from various countries to reflect upon these issues, organized within the following three thematic categories: raisons d’être; teachings; and cultures. Contributions by academic researchers interested by these questions will be balanced by contributions by career military personnel who can share a perspective grounded in experience.

More more information please visit:

http://www.cmrsj-rmcsj.forces.gc.ca/col-col/ria-ima/index-eng.asp (English)

http://www.cmrsj-rmcsj.forces.gc.ca/col-col/ria-ima/index-fra.asp (français)


Picture : 20537 Major Régis Bellemare  (top right), playing chess with Afghan National Army Officer’s while deployed in Afghanistan as part of the OMLT (Operational Mentor and Liaison Team).

20537 Major Régis Bellemare (en haut à droite)), jouant aux échecs avec des Officier de l’armée Afghane alors qu’il était déployé en Afghanistan en tant que mentor sur l’ELMO (Equipe de Liaison et de Mentorat Opérationel).

20537 Major Régis Bellemare (CMR RMC `97), will be a member of the Canadian Forces team to the internationally ranked 21th NATO Chess Championships in Koege, Denmark, 18 to 22 October. Regis is the Commanding Officer of the Transportation Company at 1 Service Battalion in Edmonton and will be the team Captain of the CF Chess Team. Good luck to him and is team!

20537 Major Régis Bellemare (CMR RMC `97) fera partie de l’équipe des Forces canadiennes à la 21ième édition du prestigieux Championnat d’échecs de l’OTAN qui se tiendra à Koege au Danemark, du 18 au 22 octobre prochain. Régis est présentement Commandant de la Compagnie de Transport du 1ier Bataillon de service à Edmonton et sera le Capitaine de l’équipe de 6 joueurs représentant les FC. Bonne chance à lui et à son équipe!


21909 Joe Boland (2001) former varsity basketball player is currently doing a PG at University of Alberta.

Joe has made quite a name for himself over the past couple of years at the national level of competitive running. We recently caught up with Joe and ask him what he has been up to lately.  ” I am back in school and since I still have some eligibility left, I am a member of the University of Alberta Cross Country and Track and Field team.”

Here are the results of some of his competition over the past few years:

2010 Canadian Track and Field Championships: 1500m – 3:54.46

2010 Vancouver International Harry Jeromme Invitational: 1500m – 3:52.51

2010 Victoria International: 800m – 1:53.01

Joe did not compete in 2009 because he was deployed to Afghanistan from Feb – Nov.

2008 Canadian Track and Field Olympic Trials: 1500m – 3:54.13

2007 CISM World Games in India:

1500m – 3:54.67

800m – 1:54.49

2006-2008 Canadian Forces Running Nationals (5km)

06 – 15:58 (1st place)

07 – 15:49 (1st place)

08 – 15:38 (1st place)


Article by: 24487 Dan Fleming

On Thursday, Sept. 16th 2010, more than 260 competitors from around the CF, gathered at CFB Petawawa to compete in this year’s Ironman competition. The competition is absolutely gruelling, and the athletes must complete a 32km march, followed by a 4km canoe portage, leading into an 8km paddle, and finishing off with a 5km march around the garrison. This is all done while transporting a 40lbs rucksack.

The winning time this year to complete the 50km journey was 06h 04m39s, and while this didn’t belong to an RMC cadet, there were several current and ex-cadets who put on a very strong showing.

The best placement came from former RMC Hockey player 23856 Duaine Fetzner (2008) (photo left) who finished 6th overall with a time of 06h24m50s. A notable mention must also go to 24928 Quenton Baldock, who is a 4th year cadet in 12 Squadron.

Seven females took part in the competition, and the first one to cross the finish line was 24411 Eve Boyce (Class of 2009) with a time of 07h33m41s, which placed her 49th overall. Her good friend and former classmate, 24158 Ashley Fitzpatrick was not far behind with a time of 07h58m23s placing her 2nd amongst the females and 71st overall. Along with the top two females were several other competitors from the Class of 2009, including: 24302 Cullen Downey, 24438 John Natynczyk, 24345 Sami Mandalawi, 24430 Billy Lister, and 24420 Chad Hansen. For full results see the link below.



September 16th 2010


Nijmegen March Award

Caption: The 2010 RMC Nijmegen march team recently showed their appreciation to Victor Mendes and the entire Mendes & Knight families for their financial support to the team. Pictured (L-R) –  Meghan McCready, 24730 Antoine Desrosiers, Director of Cadets  14510 Sue Wigg (RMC 1984) and Victor Mendes. (details below)

photo by: 24487 Dan Fleming

article by 24347 OCdt Meghan McCready

When the RMC Nijmegen Team departed for the Netherlands, it left with the goal that the entire team would complete all four days of the march. RMC achieved their goal. All teams that complete the Nijmegen march, without losing a member, are awarded a team medal. During the Commandant’s Coffee Break, a few of the cadets from the team took the opportunity to present the team medal to the Director of Cadets, LCol Wigg, and Victor Mendes. The Mendes and Knight families established the Michelle Mendes Foundation in memory of Maj. Michelle Mendes, who died in Afghanistan. The Foundation generously provides financial support to all RMC Nijmegen teams and contributed greatly to this year’s team success

Quand équipe Nimègue du CMR est partie pour les Pays Bas, ils sont partie avec le but que tous les membres termineraient les quatre jours de marche. Équipe à réussi a atteindre leur but. Chaque équipe qui complète la marche Nimègue sans perdre un membre de équipe reçoit une médaille équipe. Lors du pause café du Commandant, quelques-uns des élèves officiers qui ont participe a la marche on eu l’occasion de remettre la médaille équipe au Directeur des Élèves Officiers, LCol Wigg, et Victor Mendes. Les familles Mendes et Knight ont cree une fondation en mémoire du Maj. Michelle Mendes, qui est décédé en Afghanistan. La fondation offre généreusement un soutien financier pour tous les équipes Nimègue du CMR et à grandement contribue au succès de équipe.


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