15th World Military Women’s Volleyball Championship

On August 4th, 2014 the official opening ceremonies of the 15th World Military Women’s Volleyball Championships commenced at the Army Physical Training Center, Rio De Janiero, Brazil.  There are five women’s teams competing – Brazil, Canada, China, Germany and the Netherlands.  They are playing a round robin format with the final match on Sunday August 9th.  Representing Team Canada are members from all of the CAF, including three current OCdts and various alumni.


Maj Marilyn Bernier (Manager)

WO Darral Rafuse (Coach)

WO Richard Amos (Assistant Coach)

Maj Daniel Crumback (Trainer)


Kristen Cohen

Cassidy Chang (III) 4 Sqn

Sarah Degen,

Melissa McCoy

Glynis Rogers

Danielle Vortisch (IV) 12 Sqn

Emmanuëlle Gratton,

Chelsey Litjens

Carrie DeRoo

Nicole Behnke (III) 11 Sqn

Britt Desbarres

Vanessa St-Georges

For results and host information, the official website is: http://www.wmvcbrazil.org/EN/index.php

CISM Team Canada Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CISMWomenVolleyballCanada?fref=photo

Teams are gearing up for the 6th World Military Games, Korea 2015: http://www.cism-milsport.org/eng/005_WORLD_GAMES/2015_Mungyeong/Mungyeong.asp