Profile of Officer Cadet (M1043) William Buss

Article by 26659 OCdt (II) Danielle Andela

This week I had the fantastic opportunity to interview a member of Otter Squadron here at the Royal Military College of Canada and ask him not only about his pre-RMCC experience but also what he personally thinks about life at the College.

Officer Cadet M1042 (III) William Buss, a fomer Master Corporal, is a part of the University Training Plan for Non-Commissioned Members. He is also member of Otter Squadron at RMCC and is taking a degree in Military and Strategic Studies to be an Infantry Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. OCdt Buss was a Non-Commissioned Member in the infantry before he came to RMCC. He has served two operational tours in Bosnia and three in Afghanistan, taking positions such as paratrooper, crew commander, section commander, and section 2IC.

OCdt Buss wanted to be an officer for quite some time; he had already done school on his own and enjoyed it. He really enjoyed his leadership roles and wanted to do more so he decided to attend RMCC and become an officer. According to OCdt Buss, the difference in seniority is one of the biggest differences between being an NCM and coming to RMCC as an OCdt. Going from certain levels of seniority, respect, and even just fitting in is very different here at RMCC. He stated that for a while the respect level was different as his position was changed and that the school treats OCdt a bit differently. He had an idea of what to expect from the start so he kept his head down and is getting through it.

He also volunteers for different events in the Cadet Wing, such as the range weekends every year and even in the Elemental Phase Training for the Infantry officer cadets. He helps out with any trade or leadership specific knowledge and expertise that he can pass on too. He noted that some of the other members of Otter Squadron also keep involved in the Wing by mentoring OCdts for the inspections, drill and other trade specific training.

The most important piece of advice that OCdt Buss offered was that if an OCdt has a question, just ask. He said that most of the Otter Squadron members want nothing more than to help OCdts out and give them tips from the NCM side; they have a lot of information. He also described the Royal Military College of Canada in the following words: “Think of it as one of the best deals you’re going to get. You’re getting an education that is paid for, you’re getting a career, a good career, a well-paying career and you’re graduating without student debt. To me it’s like winning the lottery so anything else that comes with it, sure it’s not roses all the time but just smile and bear it because this is an amazing opportunity and there really is not much bad that goes on here, just little annoyances.”

It was great to have an opportunity to discuss the Cadet Wing and life at RMC from a new perspective and profile a member of the UTPNCM program at RMCC.