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Researched by Victoria Edwards

Theses Canada acquires and preserves Canadian theses at Library and Archives Canada (LAC). You can locate a specific thesis from the Royal Military College of Canada in Library and Archives Canada’s collection.  Here

23502 Sarah Carroll McRae (RMC 2006) Trajectory planning for a quadruped robot. She is a robotics specialist with the Canadian Space Agency. mcrae.sc@forces.gc.ca

22226 Christian Lemire (RMC 2002) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle trajectory tracking using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic . He is a DMS project specialist at NDHQ. Lemire.CBC@forces.gc.ca

19986 Ryan Craig Solomon (RRMC RMC 1996) An investigation in high frequency range bistatic radar cross section values of complex structures . He works for the materiel group at NDHQ. Solomon.RC@forces.gc.ca

23418 Didier Guillaume Hugues Belanger (RMC 2006) Trajectory planning with ant colony optimization. Belanger.DGH@forces.gc.ca

21097 Daniel Joseph Jehan (CMR RMC 1998) Effect of sensor placement on measuring higher modes of vibration for a thin flexible cantilever beam in free vibration. He is IHMO at 1 Canadian Air Division in Trenton. Jehan.DJ@forces.gc.ca

22217 Holly Lemire (RMC 2002) Improving Probability of Detection for bolt hole eddy current inspection . She works in the materiel group at NDHQ. Lemire.H@forces.gc.ca

22583 Stephen Robert Dale Guy (RMC 2003) Optical patternation of fuel sprays in a gas turbine combustion chamber under operationally representative flow conditions.  mrguy70@hotmail.com

16496 Raymond (Ray) Joseph Stockermans (RMC 1988) Demonstration of a photonic bandgap in resonant waveguide grating systems. He is CDO at 8 wing in Astra. Stockermans.RJ@forces.gc.ca

21991 Paul C. Hungler (RMC 2001) Development and evaluation of a water removal technique for the CF188 rudder. He is a student at RMC in Kingston. Hungler.PC@forces.gc.ca

Capt Joseph Martin Simon Henault. Analysis and optimization of a compact array of wire elements for wideband direction finding in tactical electronic warfare. He is at RMC in Kingston. Henault.JMS@forces.gc.ca

22244 Vincent Dagenais (RMC 2002) Torpedo angle and range estimations using multi-paths signals and a modified fast orthogonal search algorithm. He is a Sensor / MIDS TL in the Materiel Group at Mirabel. Dagenais.VAL@forces.gc.ca

M0752 John James Heffernan (RMC 1998) The global maritime partnership: the necessity and limits of U.S.-sponsored maritime security co-operation. He is DMS 3-3 in Chief of the Maritime Staff at NDHQ. Heffernan.J@forces.gc.ca

M0808 Martin E. Campbell (RMC 2003) Investigation of the interference threat from a wireless network to aircraft avionics systems. He is DAEPM(M) 5-4-9 in the Materiel Group at Cold Lake. Campbell.ME2@forces.gc.ca

22245 Jean-Olivier Berger (RMC 2002) Reinforced concrete columns strengthened with SRP and CFRP to resist blast loads. He is SET Comd at O engineering support unit in Moncton. Berger.JO@forces.gc.ca

23789 Benjamin Bruce Nasmith (RMC 2007) Extending the London theory to include steady-state electric fields in superconductivity. He is B Flt 15 Wing in MooseJaw. Nasmith.BB@forces.gc.ca

20043 Trevor John Cadeau (RRMC RMC 2005) Increased field depth penetration with pulsed eddy current . He is ARMF with 1 Canadian Air Division in Trenton. Cadeau.TJ@forces.gc.ca

22513 Julie M.A. Perreault (RMC 2003) Augmented Kalman filter/artificial intelligence for inertial sensors/GPS data fusion. She is with the Materiel Group at AETE in Cold Lake. Perreault.JMA2@forces.gc.ca

22658 Ryan Gregg (RMC 2003) Performance of two full-scale model geosynthetic-reinforced retaining walls constructed with a sandy-silt backfill soil.He is deployed to the PRT SITE in Kandahar Afghanistan. Gregg.RG@forces.gc.ca

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