Checkpoint n°11 – “Canadian Cemetery” (city of Beny sur Mer). A big moment of emotion for Bruce Barteauxwho found the tomb of his uncle (actually, his wife’s uncle). The name of the uncle is Clarke L. Lawson. Around 8:00 am the second day.

Ultra-marathon commemorates Normandy

“The run includes Germany, which of course 70 years ago were on the other side of the wire, they were the enemy. We are allies now; I served in Germany in the early 1980s. I think this is a good expression of camaraderie, solidarity amongst nations, runners, military and civilian,”

11338 Major Bruce Barteaux



Providing for the morale and welfare of our military

“My vision is to make this the leading morale and welfare organization of its kind in the western world,”

16158 Commodore Mark Watson