CBIE to Expand Education Partnerships with Government of Canada Support

On Tuesday of this past week, at Western University, 19894 Erin O’Toole (photo centre), Parliamentary Secretary, International Trade, announced funding to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) through the Government of Canada’s Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA) program. Entire article here


CF-18 struck by lightning landed in Whitecourt, Alta.

“It was probably just a split second, we’re talking not even half a second I’m guessing, that it hit the aircraft around the cockpit area,” he said. “It was just a short tingle.”

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Canadians shouldn’t be allowed to fight for other countries, no matter the cause, historian argues

“If they’re going off to serve somewhere else, in some other army, they’re switching their allegiance,” he said. “That is, in my view, improper.”

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The Only One Card You Need

“The one million strong community; when you add up the reserves, Regular force, our dependents and the veterans there are over one million people out there that we can support. When we say support that does not mean everything for everyone but it does mean something for everyone,”

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Canada’s defence diplomacy hurt by tight budget, report says

“The military co-operation program does essential work in training and educating officers from abroad, particularly in peace operations,” he told CBC News. “Canada is no longer the prolific peacekeeper it once was. For the cost of one fighter jet, Canada can run its defence diplomacy program for years. The government is showing short-term thinking to the detriment of the country’s long-term contributions and reputation.”

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Military’s aboriginal programs do little to bolster recruitment:

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Plaques will mark memory of “enemy aliens”

“I don’t think it would be fair for me to come to you and say you should pay me money today as a taxpayer because of what your grandfather did to my grandfather,” said Luciuk. “This isn’t a negative kind of crusade. It’s about affirming the importance of human rights and civil liberties by learning about the past.”

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