Veterans struggling with PTSD speak out about benefits of service dogs

“In a very few short months, she’d had such a dramatic impact on my life that I knew I had to help others get the kind of help that I’ve had,”

13855 Retired Capt.  Medric Cousineau – Article (short video)


Canada’s Iraq commander says ISIS ‘on defensive’ as new airstrike video released

“ISIL are now changing their tactics, they’re hiding their targets, and that’s one of the reasons it’s harder to find targets — they’re camouflaged.”

14538 Col. Daniel Constable Article


18798 Steven Beggs (Class of ’93) has received a 2014 Canadian Award for Training Excellence (CATE).

Awarded by the Canadian Society for Training and Development for his “SMaRT Learning: Mobile Performance Support” initiative at Home Depot, CATE award winners have “…each presented a unique and revolutionary approach to adult learning. By combining the technological innovations of the future with the latest in workplace learning and solutions…”


Royal Roads launching virtual tours of campus, classes



Academy Cadets Work to Improve Airdrop Accuracy

“Next semester we’ll come up with solutions and ideas to make things better,” McNeese said. “We already know there’s more than one idea out there, so we’ll see which ones are best.”



A note from 25281 Dana Batho – Class of 2011

Wounded Warriors Battlefield Bike Ride

I was just wondering if you might be able to help me with something, I thought you might be able to help. I’ve just registered for the Wounded Warriors Battlefield Bike Ride next June, the ride goes from Vimy Ridge to Nijmegen to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands.
I will be riding with my recumbent trike and Coco, and I’m trying to raise funds for Wounded Warriors to
participate in the ride (my goal is $6000). Coco is certified through Courageous Companions, which is one of the organizations Wounded Warriors funds, along with Can Praxis which is a horse therapy program for soldiers and vets with PTSD.
I have had such a hard go of it since getting injured two years ago, and organizations like Wounded Warriors
have really filled in the gaps in care and services. I was wondering if you could send the attached flyer out to your networks (or maybe even put it into e-Veritas) to help me raise money for such an incredible organization.
There is a link to my donation page in the flyer (http://tinyurl.com/lsc9k3t), and I’ve stated that any donor or
organization that sponsors me for $1000 or more will have the opportunity to get their organization name printed on the front of my team jersey. I know I will be one of the few (and maybe only) riders using a recumbent trike, and I’m certain I will be the only one riding with a service dog, so I know we’ll be attracting a lot of attention from the press during the ride. Romeo Dallaire is also riding with us (he’s the patron of Wounded Warriors), which will be an incredible experience for all of us.

I’m attaching the flyer I’ve made up, as well as two photos of Coco and I taken during this year’s Army Run half marathon. That was the first time I’d competed in anything since getting injured, and it was an incredible experience.

Ed note: We expect to keep up-to-date with the 2015 Wounded Warriors Battlefield Bike Ride in future editions of e-Veritas.