26730 Matt Mooney – Training Officer – Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG)

22543 Hayley Mooney – Communications Specialist and Educator

17863 Jonathan Knaul – Director Strategic Initiatives at Canadensys Aerospace Corporation

14791 David Lincourt – Global Defense Industry Business Unit at SAP

20396 Charity Weeden – Vice President of Global Space Policy and Government Relations, Chair FAA COMSTAC

E1784 Maurice Poitras – Canadian Army Liaison and Exchange Officer to French Land Forces Command at Department of National Defence

19918 Brad Steels – Saskatoon Base Pilot at STARS Air Ambulance

21502 Nancy Setchell – Reservist at Royal Canadian Navy

22802 Björn Lagerlöf – Senior Advisor at Canadian Defence Academy

8060 Harry Mohr – Former CEO/Managing Director at EODC Engineering, Developing and Licencing, Inc.

23298 Suzie Chateauneuf – Section head Joint Enablers at Department of National Defence

25958 Aaron Brideau – Army Technical Staff Officer Program Candidate at Department of National Defence

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