Kingston & Area High School Students Attend Badging Parade

High school students from the area who received the RMC Club Kingston Branch Book Award attended the cadet parade last saturday, as part of the Reunion Weekend activities at the College. Eleven award recipients attended with their parents for a group totaling 33. This was an impressive attendance on a day that was equally outstanding.

The invitation was organised by branch member Bernie Laliberte and facilitated by Andrew Robb and two second year cadets, Ian Saciuk and Mathieu Briere who acted as hosts and guides. Our guests sat in the bleachers right beside the reviewing stand and had a great view of the entire parade. They were able to see the first year cadets receive their cap badges and join the cadet wing.

All our guests had lunch in the cadet mess in Yeo Hall followed by a tour of the College. Ian gave a good description of the campus, the buildings and aspects of College life. We visited Fort Brant, the newest dormitory where the students were able to see a cadet room.

We reached the Wall of Honour ceremony after the ceremony had started so were unable to meet Chris Hadfield but, those who were able to stay heard his speech.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their introduction to RMCC.


Kingston Branch Kicks Off Fall Luncheon Season With A-List Speaker

By 27019 NCdt (II) Cloé Baillargeon

“You have taught us all – sometimes with modest rebuke, sometimes with stern force of argument – to understand, to respect and to cherish the rules of Canadian democracy, and for that alone all Canadians will be grateful to you,”

Michael Ignatieff to the Hon. Peter Milliken on his last day as Speaker of the House of Commons.


On this beautiful first day of October, the Kingston branch of the RMC Club of Canada had the great joy of welcoming the Hon. Peter Milliken, here at RMC, for a tasty luncheon quickly followed by an amazing presentation on the life and the role of a Parliamentarian and House Speaker, offered by our esteemed guest.

Member of parliament representing Kingston and the Islands from 1988 to 2011 and Speaker of the House from 2001 to 2011, Mr. Milliken distiguished himself with a fascinating carreer as a partner in the prestigious law firm Cunningham, Swan, Carty, Little and Bonham here in Kingston and as Gouvernor of the Kingston General Hospital. His ten years as Speaker has been considered a record in Canadian history. He has also been a trustee at Chalmer’s United Church and a lecturer at the Queen’s University School of Business.

Introduced by 5207 Mr. Andrew Robb, Secretary of the Kingston branch, the presentation described in a clear, precise and educative way the role Mr. Milliken assumed for ten years in parliament as Speaker of the House, a role he compared to the one of a referee who has to clarify political positions and assure that civility is maintained in the House. We learned a lot on the diplomatic nature required to achieve such crucial decisions a Speaker of the House has to make so quickly and the rigorousness of mind the position requires from one to maintain the integrity of his work.

His sharing of extremely valuable life experiences, in the shape of great stories of memorable political events, like the vote concerning access to information, led to a better understanding of the process surrounding this unique position in Canadian politics.

For 26448 OCdt Joshua Behnish, 26091 OCdt Alexia Croizer and 26358 OCdt Nicholas Saulnier, who were in attendance in a crowd of more than forty people, it was an enjoyable experience. As they reported with great enthusiasm: “This is not something we can learn in class. It’s a source of raw knowledge”.

The session, who kept the crowd riveted the entire time, ended after an hour with a lively period of questions.

La filière de Kingston débute la saison en grand

27019 NCdt (II) Cloé Baillargeon

En cette superbe première journée d’octobre, la filière du Club des CMR du Canada située à Kingston a eu la grande joie d’accueillir l’Hon. Peter Milliken, ici au CMR, pour un délicieux déjeuner rapidement suivi d’une fantastique présentation sur la vie et le rôle d’un Parlementaire et d’un Président de la Chambre des communes, offerte par notre respectable invité.

Membre du parlement représentant Kingston et les Îles de 1988 à 2011 et Président de la Chambre des communes de 2001 à 2011, M. Milliken s’est distingué avec une fascinante carrière en tant que partenaire à la prestigieuse firme d’avocats Cunningham, Swan, Carty, Little and Bonham ici à Kingston et en tant que Gouverneur du Kingston General Hospital. Ses dix ans à titre de Président sont considérés un record dans l’histoire canadienne. Il fut aussi un administrateur pour la Chalmer’s United Church et un conférencier à Queen’s University School of Business.

Introduite par 5207 M. Andrew Robb, Secrétaire de la filière de Kingston, la présentation dressa un portrait clair, précis et éducatif du rôle que M. Milliken assuma pour dix ans au Parlement en tant que  Président de la Chambre des communes, un rôle qu’il n’hésite pas à comparer à celui d’un arbitre qui se doit de clarifier les positions politiques et d’assurer le maintien d’un environnement courtois. Nous avons appris beaucoup sur la diplomatie requise pour atteindre les décisions cruciales qu’un Président doit prendre rapidement et la rigueur d’esprit nécessaire au maintien de l’intégrité.

Le partage de précieuses expériences de vie, sous forme d’anecdotes sur de mémorables événements politiques, comme le vote concernant l’accès à l’information, conduisit à une meilleure compréhension du processus entourant cette unique position au sein de la politique canadienne.


Pour 26448 l’Élof  Joshua Behnish, 26091 l’Élof Alexia Croizer et 26358 l’Élof Nicholas Saulnier, qui étaient présents dans une foule de plus de quarante personnes, il s’agissait d’une agréable expérience. Comme ils l’ont déclaré avec grand enthousiasme: “Ce n’est pas quelque chose qu’on peut apprendre en classe. C’est une source unique de savoir.”

La séance, qui a sût conserver l’intérêt de tous, s’est terminée au bout d’une heure par une vive période de questions.