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Stop Harping: $1 Billion for Summit Security is a Sound Return on Investment

Financial mismanagement has cost the world trillions upon trillions of dollars, resulted in the loss of millions of jobs, and has thrown global economies and governments into grave disarray; to wit Greece and the EU. $1 billion to ensure that world leaders can meet to discuss corrective measures and other matters of international import such as global warming, and do so in a secure environment, is a reasonable and comparatively trivial sum to pay. Although some seven fold the original estimate, the threat environment can and does change rapidly and in alarming ways causing unforeseen cost increases. Additionally, the cities in which these summits take place benefit promotionally and economically. Stop the harping and accept that this is the cost of doing business. Calls for Canada to increase foreign aid are legitimate. $1.4 billion over five years is justifiable and will contribute to alleviating poverty, improve the quality of life in developing countries, and reduce regional and global tension. Canada can and must do both.

Andrew Nellestyn


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