By: 26904 OCdt Diotte (II) – 5 Squadron

As the 2014- 15 academic year is nearing its end, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to members of this semester’s outgoing and next semester’s incoming top 5. With all the time and hard work that they’ve committed to their positions, the outgoing team will march proudly under the arch as they graduate from the College in May.

In the meantime, the top cadets for the Fall term of 2015 will already be preparing for what needs to be done in order to ensure a smooth transition from summer courses back to life on campus for cadets. Although the positions of Cadet Wing Commander (CWC), Deputy Cadet Wing Commander (DCWC), Cadet Wing Training Officer (CWTO), Cadet Wing Operations Officer (CWOpsO) and the Cadet Wing Administration Officer (CWAdO) require a significant time commitment and a lot of hard work, the rewards and experiences that come with the jobs undeniably makes it all worth it.


The outgoing team is made up of a very diverse group of soon to be commissioned officers. From an aspiring Pilot majoring in Psychology to a hopeful Armored Officer in the Business Administration program, the different experiences that each member of the group had to offer made for a very effective top 5 team.

OCdt Day, the outgoing CWC, describes ” Leading your peers and gaining the respect of your classmates while also trying to be a good friend” as being one of the most challenging aspects of his position. The 21 y.o. Economics major from Ottawa, Ontario hopes to be posted to Edmonton with the PPCLI following his phase training. For him, the most rewarding part of being part of the top 5 was the opportunity to work with senior officers of the Training Wing to plan and execute tasks on a weekly basis. He also enjoyed representing the Cadet Wing on a whole variety of issues, describing it as an “incredibly rewarding and empowering experience”.


The CWC’s right hand man was OCdt Kane. The outgoing DCWC originates from Victoria, BC and hopes to become a pilot in the RCAF. Following graduation, he’ll be heading to 2 CFFTS in Moose Jaw to continue his flight training. Getting his wings has been “a dream of his for most of his life” and he is “absolutely thrilled of what lies ahead”. For OCdt Kane, both Orientation Period at CMR St-Jean in his first year and the opportunity to be a FYOP Section commander were two of the most challenging moments at the college. He thanks his family for their continuous support throughout his four years at the college and he looks forward to having them come to Kingston in May for graduation.


Similar to OCdt Day, the most challenging aspect of being top 5 for OCdt Gibeault was having to deal with friends and peers on a professional basis. The outgoing CWTO from Repentigny, QC will be going on phase 4 Armored at Gagetown following graduation. Being an Honors Business Admin student, he plans on applying for his MBA following a few years of work experience. The 22 y.o. francophone describes the most rewarding part of holding his position as having the chance to see the results at the end of a task or an event when everything goes as planned and taking a small moment to appreciate a job well done before moving on to the next. Now that is dedication.


Another challenging aspect of the job is balancing schoolwork, social life and college activities. For OCdt Otis, who currently holds the position of CWAdO, between being part of the top 5, Sandhurst practices, team captain meetings, his thesis (which is no easy task seeing that he’ll be graduating with Honors Chemistry with a minor in Life Sciences) and working out at the gym is just part of his everyday life here at the College. The 21 y.o. from Sainte- Julie, Quebec describes the top 5 positions as an opportunity to be recognized for all of the work and dedication that an individual puts towards life at the College. He says that it “also gives you the opportunity to learn even more and develop your leadership qualities one step further”. After graduation, he will be heading to Moose Jaw to pursue his phase training that he began last summer at Portage-la-Prairie. His suggestion to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd years at the College is to take advantage of every opportunity that the college has to offer, whether it be clubs, FYOP, squadron activities, ect… “ONE SHOT”


Last but not least is the Cadet Wing Operations Officer, a position held by NCdt LaPlante this semester. The hopeful MARS Officer will be graduating with a degree in Political Science with a minor in English. According to her (and many Cadets would agree), College life is way more than a 9 to 5 thing. The most difficult aspect of holding this position was time management for NCdt LaPlante. On the other hand, having the opportunity to work with senior barmen and other people who are serious about what they do and are committed to working for the Wing was the most rewarding aspect of the job for her. Her current hometown (coming from a military family) is Victoria BC and her plans after graduation are to move to Esquimalt to begin her phase training at NOTC Venture.


As the outgoing top 5 are preparing for Grad parade, convocation, Sunset ceremony and all of the other events that will be happening at the College in the next couple of months, the next top 5 slate has been selected and they are already in the initial stages of preparing for the fall term of 2015. Keep an eye out for the second half of this article where I plan on introducing the incoming team and detailing their plan for next semester. Thank you to OCdt Day, OCdt Kane, OCdt Gibeault, OCdt Otis and NCdt LaPlante for their hard work and dedication. Best of luck in the upcoming months and on beginning this new chapter in your lives.


About the author:

OCdt Diotte, 26904

Born in Sudbury ON, I am currently in Second Year at RMCC. As a proud member of Brock (5) Squadron, I enjoy the opportunity to write for e-Veritas as it permits me to put to use my writing skills and to keep the college community up to date as to what is new and exciting at RMCC.  As Bob Schieffer once said, ” journalism is a great way to do public service, to have an impact on your community”; and for me, that community is RMCC.

Look for more from Patrick over the next few Issues of e-Veritas and well beyond.