OCdts. On Parade

Captain Frank Kuschnereit (RRMC 1990) ceased practice as a PSel officer and retired from the regular force on 13 Apr 09. This capped over 38 years of remarkable service as an NCM, officer, and military psychologist, serving the CF in both the regular and reserve force, in Canada and abroad.

Frank started his career in the primary reserve as a private with the Highland Fusiliers of Canada in Oct 69. He transferred to the regular force in Feb 75 with 1RCR and served with the Airborne Regiment from 77 – 79. He was selected for commissioning as an Armour officer and served with the 8th Canadian Hussars from 80 – 88. Frank transferred into the Personnel Selection branch in 90. Frank then embarked upon a path of higher education academic wanderings which led him to a first class honours degree in applied military psychology from Royal Roads Military College, then to a masters degree in Industrial and Organizational psychology from the University of New Brunswick, and is currently, working on his doctorate in i/o psychology from St Mary’s university.

From foot soldier in the airborne to staff officer Frank has left the imprint of his combat boots across the CF in numerous and diverse posts that included tours in Esquimalt, Calgary, Germany, Borden, Gagetown, Toronto and Ottawa. Of note, he created one of the first combat stress management programs in Land forces western Area and conducted debriefings in Croatia. He also was instrumental in the creation of the Post Recruit Education and Training Centre in Borden and published four DAODs as a policy writer. He recently received a Chief of Military Personnel commendation for his work as CF survey coordinator. Frank is now moving on to the RCMP where he will do HR research that is very similar to that which has done at DMPORA for the past three years.  Frank.Kuschnereit@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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