The end of Oct ’52 was rich in influential events…

27 Oct 52

After supper we heard General McNaughton speak on the International Joint Commission. It was really a very timely lecture since on 28 Oct the Commission announced the approval of the St. Lawrence Seaway project.

28 Oct 52

Intersquadron soccer got underway tonight. We played 3 sqn and won 2-0. Incidentally the senior soccer team won their first game in about 4 years and defeated their old rivals Kingston United.

29 Oct 52

We played 4 sqn tonight and took them too! Boy this soccer really needs conditioning – I’m still stiff from last night’s game. The hockey season started tonight and we won our game with Flyers. This afternoon the Intercollegiate track meet was held here and the boys came through with a win, way out in head of the other teams. If McDougall & Gill had been running we’d have done even better.

30 Oct 52

This morning an RCAF crane arrived from Trenton to lift out the sunken boat and there was great excitement around noon when the thing was finally hoisted up and loaded onto a truck transport to be taken up to Fort Henry. The old Cueball & Bizzy were around all morning and had a great time. I missed nearly all the excitement by having classes all morning.

31 Oct 52

The team left this afternoon without me for Montreal to play Loyola. I decided not to go since we have an intersqn rugby game on Sunday and because I have an essay to finish, and a lot of odds and ends to tidy up.

1 Nov 52

It was very relaxing to spend a lazy Saturday for the first time this term. I walked into Kingston, got a few things I had been needing and came back and hit the sack for 18 hrs!

2 Nov 52

We played #3 sqn in our first intersqn rugby game and lost 18-6. We only had about 15 men dressed since there was some great mix-up and our boys couldn’t all get uniforms. Dave Dillon got a badly broken leg shortly after getting our only touchdown. After that with little Freddy Joyce doing the passing we didn’t click too well (Freddy couldn’t see over the line). I had a great bit of luck and snaffled a poorly kicked ball – me with no eyes. Oh it was a lot of fuss even if we did lose. The boys got back from Loyola and apparently were pretty well outclassed, lost 31-0. The American downfield blocking rules really had them stopped I guess. Some of the boys lost a lot of money stolen out of the dressing room during the game.