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CBC filmed the recent Harrier Run and portions of RMC sports –  to be aired this saturday – 18 Sept – Check local listings for times.


Pictured (left) LCol Sue Wigg, Director of Cadets and (right) Mr Darren Cates, Director of Athletics  both being interviewed by CBC this past saturday on the various components of the RMC sports program. The interviews are expected to be part of the six hour “sports special” program to be aired on CBC TV this coming saturday, 18 September.

Sports Day in Canada – modeled after the successful Hockey Day in Canada concept – will cap off a week of local sporting events and activities, open houses and “try-it” days showcasing sport at all levels – from all across Canada. Look for it in your local television area.

(2 photos above by Cynthia Kent)

Wing Harrier Run


By: OCdt Paul Lystiuk

When one thinks of September at RMC, what comes to mind? Is it the return of all the cadets? The fourth years who are counting the days or the second years who are just happy to not be first years? Or is it FYOP? With cornflakes, grey PT and “Check Mr. Burry!” surrounding the campus. Although those are all part of it, nothing says September at the Royal Military College quite like Sports Day. Cadets come out in full- force dressed in whatever they can find that resembles their squadron colours. Most squadrons, as well, were donning their new mascots which were newly purchased at the end of last year. Competition was very high for the majority of the events, except for the Harrier Race and the Tug-o-War competition where the wing humbly competed for second place after conceding to OCdt John Marshall and Otter Squadron, respectively. In the words of Kenny Rogers “you got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” . All in all it was a fantastic day on the point with absolutely perfect weather to start off the 2010-2011 school year.

Cadets were awake bright and early to register for the annual Harrier Race, a much anticipated event for everyone. This year, instead of a chase bunny to set the pace before everyone, there was a chase fairy (identity unknown) which added a somewhat mythical element to the race. Everyone kicked it into high gear and ran with their squadrons on their hearts and naps on their brains. Rounding the top three female runners were: 1. Marina Lowthian – 1 Sqn (18:52.3), 2. Celine Best – 6 Sqn (19:23.3) and 3. Yana Volodarets – 10 Sqn (20:38.3). For the gentlemen: 1. John Marshall – 2 Sqn (16:21.1), 2. Richard Hayes – 13 Sqn (16:27.8) and 3. David Bernatchez – 4 Sqn (16:52.2). For the best overall squadron times 2 Squadron took first place (foreshadowing maybe?) with 1 and 5 Squadrons coming in second and third, respectively.

The Tabloid events which are usually more known for inter-squadron battles over paraphernalia rather than the events themselves were no different this year. Beyond the chase scenes that would fit in the Speed series of movies, the squadrons actually competed in 13 three minute long competitions, with 2 Squadron, again, coming in first (more foreshadowing maybe?).

A recent addition to Sports Day in the last couple of years is the Maze Game. It is quickly gaining popularity in the polls and is becoming more and more competitive every year. In fact, there has been enough discussion regarding “missed calls” and other officiating concerns that the Sports Day big wigs are considering adding video review to this competition, waiting for Chad Blundy to confirm. After a hard fought battle on the modified Four-Square court, 12 Squadron came out on top.

The Tug-o-War, need I say more? Otter Squadron won, surprise.

The Relay Race is another popular competition in the wing which most cadets take very seriously; waiting for their turn to sprint and where most of them end up having pulled muscles because none of them stretched beforehand. This year’s fastest short distance squadron was 13.

The Spirit award: something that comes naturally out of squadron pride and an individual’s lung capacity to be able to scream louder than the person next to them; is historically one of the most competitive events in all of Sports Day, with most squadrons going all out with costumes, flags and face paint (or spray paint) to represent their colours as much as possible. This year, there was an added element… CBC. CBC was present with a video camera and even one of those microphones on a stick to record the day’s festivities to create a segment about RMC Sports Day on their upcoming “Sports Day in Canada” to be aired on Sept. 18, 2010 (for more information visit http://www.cbc.ca/sports/sportsday/). There’s just something about the presence of a video camera that makes people come out of their shell and go one step further to get their 15 seconds of fame, this author included. When the dust settled and the CBC van drove off the campus, Wolfe Squadron came out victorious.

After a long day in the sun on Navy Bay, all the squadrons gathered around the new Birchall Pavilion where all of these winners were presented with awards. And of course, sticking with the rules of fine literary work, the foreshadowing that was present in this article remains true with 2 Squadron being the overall champions of the 2010 Fall Sports Day. It must be noted as well that this is 2 Squadrons fifth Championship Title in a row, WWE Wrestler Booker T would be proud.

A huge thank you goes out to all the CSSOs and Sports Section ICs, as well as OCdt Serena Palmer CWSRO, for organizing this perfect day. None of this would be able to happen without the guidance from Sports Day Extraordinaire Chad Blundy, the Rec & IM Manager, as well as his assistant Jessica Campbell, thanks to all!

Awards & Presentations

All photos for slide-shows by: 24487 Dan Fleming

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