Terry Foote – Proud RMCC Staff Member & Songwriter

By: 26434 IV Year NCdt Wendy Gracias

On Wednesday March 4, the day before of the official release of ‘Navy Bay’ and ‘Talk of War’, I interviewed one of the most positive and friendly people I have had the pleasure of meeting at RMCC. Born and raised in Kingston, Terry Foote has always been musically active, singing and playing the guitar. Last year, she was invited to perform her song, Navy Bay, at the graduation ball, and she also performed at the Winter Ball, adding Talk of War to her repertoire.

Terry recalls when she first started working at RMCC as a cleaning staff in 2007, in the Fort Lasalle dormitory. Not having a lot of prior knowledge of the military, RMCC, or the First Year Orientation Program, Terry was somewhat overwhelmed by the early morning yelling and music infused cadet wake up routine. Brian, then CSL of 2 squadron (the top squadron at that time) approached Terry and welcomed her into 2 squadron, making her an honorary member and even presented her with a squadron t-shirt.


Terry describes this experience as a turning point for her in terms of understanding the camraderie and team building that is so deeply ingrained in officer cadets, and feeling like a part of something important. Terry described her overall impression and feelings about working at RMCC as “I love working here. I get to run around and cross paths with wonderful people. There is always a new, smiling face to see, and 20 kindnesses in a day. I am very grateful.” I suggested to her that part of the reason we are so kind and friendly to her is because she is kind and friendly to us. She always smiles, always says hello, and always has something positive or uplifting to say. It’s hard to not smile and be nice to someone who is so caring and warm-hearted.

The inspiration to write Navy Bay, a song written by Terry for officer cadets, began one cold and wintery day as Terry and her daughter were taking g a drive around the point, recording some water scenes for a school project. As they were approaching Navy Bay, Terry’s daughter said “we should write a song when we go home.” That moment, as Terry looked out over the partially frozen bay, ignited the spark and drive to write the song. The first recording of Navy Bay came to fruition through the hard work, dedication, and support from Gord Sinclair (who Terry had the opportunity of meeting at Bruciepalooza), and Warrant Officer Norris (the school’s bandmaster, who Terry describes as her biggest supporter). In addition to Navy Bay, Terry has also written Talk of War, a song dedicated to all the women and men who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. It’s impossible to describe in such a short text all the wonderful details that Terry shared with me about the process of writing Navy Bay, but I can tell you that each part of the song has some significance. The lyrics are carefully crafted and contain references to people and things that are near and dear to Terry’s heart.

To conclude our interview, Terry offered one final thought: “My father was able to hear the recorded version of Navy Bay before he passed away, and I believe I made him very proud. That’s just so important to me.”

Thank you Terry for sharing your story with us, and for your ongoing hard work and kindness. You always brighten up my day, and for that I am grateful.  Hear Terry Foote – Here