Weekly PMT – Professional Military Training – 19 March 2014

1st Year Class:

For this week’s PMT, the First Years had the opportunity to practice weapon drill. For many of the cadets, this was a first. Under the instruction of the Cadet Wing Drill Instructor, OCdt Landry, we were taught how to perform basic drill movements when holding a C7. These skills will be useful in the weeks to come, as the First Year class prepares to perform these drill movements as a part of the Graduation Parade. After the period dedicated to drill practice, the First Years of each division had a meeting with their respective Division Commander. This represents an opportunity for each Div Comd to speak directly to their first year flights and give them important information for the coming weeks. In a similar fashion, this also permits Officer Cadets with a chance to ask important questions to their Div Comds. As communication remains a focal point of college life at the Royal Military College of Canada, this portion of PMT guarantees a smooth and efficient lifestyle.


26934 OCdt Gabriel Sylvain – 8 Sqn


2nd Year Class:

This Wednesday, the Class of 2016 sat down with their respective Division Commanders for PMT. B division sat down with Maj Hook to conduct a survey and discuss overall level of satisfaction among the second years. Officer Cadets then had the opportunity to ask him any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming summer or year, whether it be on upcoming responsibilities of bar positions, summer training, or the changes to expect in the coming years here at RMCC.

After that, 2nd year Officer Cadets attended a briefing on the role of Sergeants in the RCAF presented by B Division’s WO Toth. It was a brief that many cadets, especially those in other elements, went into with skepticism with regards to the relevance to us cadets and our future. Yet after an hour of talk and some creative operant conditioning by the Warrant, the class could agree on all being a little wiser on both the roles and opportunities to be gained from senior NCOs and the history of the RCAF.

26594 OCdt Morgan Chaffee-Goehr – 5 Sqn


3rd Year Class

This week during PMT, we the Third Years had two separate briefs. First we learned about the military ethos and how they apply to leadership. This was a good introduction to the fourth year ethics course that we will be taking next year. It also allowed us to gain knowledge on how to lead ethically in the future. Our second brief was a question period with the DCdts, LCol Lemyre. During this period, burning questions were answered pertaining to the new training plan coming into effect next semester.


26448 OCdt Joshua Behnish – 1 Sqn


4th Year Class

Seated in Currie Hall on the morning of March 19, 2014, 4th Year officer and naval cadets had the privilege of attending two very important briefs. The first of which, a presentation by Nadeau Realty Inc., Brokerage, was an extremely pertinent outline of what young adults should expect when preparing to buy their first home. It is all too evident that preparation for such a significant financial investment is duly needed for the 4th year cadets, most of whom have gone directly from living with their parents to living in quarters. Diane Hamilton of Nadeau Realty Inc., Brokerage delivered an excellent presentation detailing the main concerns that first-time home buyers should be addressing, such as the importance of a home inspection, as well as which areas of home improvement actually add value to a home. As military members who will most likely relocate every two to five years, it is extremely important to understand home financing.

The second brief, presented by LCdr Parsons and WO Thomas, was an enthralling presentation about the importance of intelligence in the Canadian Forces. Covering the major aspects of security concerns, threats, and risks, LCdr Parsons intimated that as officers, our main effort in terms of security should always be the healthy monitoring of our troops, peers, and superiors. Perhaps the most important lesson for the 4th Year Class was LCdr’s affirmation that intentional security breaches have no affiliation to rank. As young leaders, the officer cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada should be prioritizing security at every point of their careers.

25975 OCdt Carolyne LaBelle – 4 Sqn