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I read the “bomber command” article in your last publication and I must admit that I am not completely versed in the background of the article. However, my father, George Wissler, was a bombardier with 424 Squadron and flew 34 combat missions over Europe in Halifax and Lancaster aircraft, 1944 through 1945. On many of the missions he logged time at the controls to relieve the pilot. I attached a picture of his crew, who stayed together throughout their assignment. The last member of the crew passed away three years ago. As well, I attached the pages of his log book. The combat missions have small sequential numbers to separate them from training sorties. I am not certain as to the relevance of these attachments and I apologize that the pages are not attached in the order of the flights, but I thought that I would send them along. For your info, Bill.

8878 George Wissler (RMC ’71)

Click on the following images for original 424 Squadron log book details from October 1944 to March 1945:




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