OCdts. On Parade

Researched by E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)

Who Am I?

• I was born in Edmonton, Alberta on March 27, 1923.

• * My grandfather, an-ex-cadet in the first class at RMC, served as the sixth Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from August 1, 1900-March 31, 1923.

• * I was educated in Toronto and graduated from Lisgar Collegiate
in Ottawa.

• * I entered Royal Military College in 1940. I was a prominent athlete, six feet five inches in height, and took part in badminton and swimming. I won prizes in dinghy sailing and in light-heavyweight boxing while at RMC.

• * I graduated from the war shortened course in June 1942. Yosef Karsh, who took photos of Royal Military College officer cadets as a method of supporting his early career, took my graduation photograph.

• * I served in the Royal Canadian Engineers in Petawawa.

• * I proceeded overseas in March 1942.

• * I took part in the D-Day landings, 6 June 1944.

• * I was killed-in-action at 21 years of age during the Battle of Caen near Falaise, Normandy, in 1944 and was buried in the Bretteville-Sue-Laize Canadian War Cemetery in Calvados, France. I was killed when on reconnaissance with some of the leading troops during a particularly difficult river crossing and was buried in the Bretteville-Sue-Laize Canadian War Cemetery in Calvados, France.

• * I am commemorated on Page 345 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance in the chapel of the Peace Tower, the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa.

• * I was the son of G. Leslie and J. Gladys, of Ottawa, Ontario.

Who Am I?

a) 2827 Lt. V.S. Allan (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
b) 2734 Lt. A.P. Boyd (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
c) 2750 Lt. E.E. Cockburn (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
d) 2762 Lt. G.W.L. Grant (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
e) 2768 Lt. W.C. Hughson (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
f) 2772 Lt. B.P. Jennings (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
g) 2783 Lt. J.B. McBride (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
h) 2788 Lt. E.G.L. Morgan (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
i) 2789 Lt. Morgan M.J. Murphy (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
j) 2803 Lt. J.P. Rousseau (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944
k) 2824 Lt. G.W. Stone (RMC 1940) Deceased 1944

• Answer: f) 2772 Lt. Bernard Perry Jennings (RMC 1940). His grandfather was #13 Aylesworth Bowen Perry.

• The tremendous WW II contribution by the RMC Class (1940) should always be remembered.

Note from Victoria Edwards:

Perry Jennings is one of the (many) ex-cadets who was photographed by Josef Karsh. Since Karsh photographed cadets in the 30s-40s, I suspect that many alumni and families have Karsh`s photos.

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