OCdts. On Parade

Who am I?

  • I was born in 1861. I attended the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario from 1877-81.
  • I served as Cadet Battalion-Sergeant Major in 1880-1. Gentleman Cadet __, from the Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada, to be Lieutenant, vice H. N. Bunbury, placed upon the Seconded List dated 25th June, 1881 (per London Gazette August 16, 1881).
  • I was commissioned with the Royal Artillery in the Imperial Army.
  • I served in Africa during the Boer War; in India; and commanded the 46th Divisional Artillery (CRA) in the Great War.
  • I was wounded in 1918, and at the close of my military career at the rank of Brigadier General lived at Kelston Park, Bath, England.
  • I was the sitter in 3 portraits by Walter Stoneman at the National Portrait Gallery, London in 1918.
  • I died in 1937.
  • My military papers, biographical information; clippings, and photographs are in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.
  • A prize at the University New Brunswick is provided, in part, through the generosity of my executors.

a) 30. Herbert Montgomery Campbell

b) 31. George William Shaw.

c) 32. William Robert Greig.

d) 33. Edward Ford.

e) 34. Allan Wilmot Daniel.

Answer: A) 30 Brigadier-General Herbert Montgomery-Campbell (RMC 1877-81) – The Montgomery – Campbell Award at the University of New Brunswick is provided, in part, through the generosity of his executors.




Researched by: E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)

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