OCdts. On Parade


Research & layout by: 26173 OCdt (I) Emily Morgan

  • A Roadent from start to finish
  • Earned: BSc (Physics and Computer Science)
  • Awarded 2nd year book prize in French
  • Crossed Rifles and Crown (4th year)
  • MOC: Air, Communications and Electronics
  • Canadian Forces experience: Technical Maintenance Officer, CFS Baldy Hughes; System Software-3, Base ADP Project, Ottawa; Directorate of Security Operations 4-3, NDHQ, Ottawa
  • Civilian Career experience includes:
  • Software developer, IT Security Consultant, IT Security Manager
  • 1990’s:Software development manager, Visual Engineering, Ottawa; Secure Product Evaluator, CSE, Ottawa; Software Developer, Software Kinetics, Ottawa; Senior Consultant and General Manager, ErmineTech Ltd., Ottawa; Senior Developer, Texar Corp, Ottawa;
  • 2000’s: Senior Security Architect, Entrust, Ottawa; Senior Security Architect, AEPOS Technologies, Gatineau; Senior Security Architect, MTS Allstream, Ottawa; Senior Consultant and General Manager, Teuthis Consulting Corporation, Ottawa;
  • Current: Senior Security Advisor, Canadian Payments Association
  • Spouse is an Ex – Cadet

Who Am I?

a)     17432 Tom Bradley;

b)    17949 Sebastien Barrette;

c)    16078 Darin Cowan

d)   20028 Torren Craige-Manson

16078 Darin Cowan

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