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Who is He?

Researched by E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)

* He was born 28 July 1949 in Kingston, Ontario.

* He joined the Canadian Army (Regular) in 1966.

* He attended both College Militaire Royal and Royal Military College.

* He married Shirley on 14 July 1973. The couple eventually had three children, Carol, Norah and Robert.

* He served in a number of appointments with 2 Service Battalion Petawawa, 1 RCR London and 4 Service Battalion Lahr, Germany (1971-75), and later assigned to the original Leopard Tank Project in Germany. He received the DGLEM commendation in 1977 for technical work on the introduction of the Leopard tank into the Canadian Forces.

* Completing a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1981, he was posted to project management job in Ottawa. (1979-84)

* In 1985, he attended Staff College in Toronto; he won the Commonwealth Armies Essay Competition for an essay on Hitler`s strategy in World War II.

* Promoted LCol in 1986, he served the Air Force as Senior Staff Officer Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. In July 1989, he returned to Lahr, Germany to command the Base Technical Services Branch. He returned to the Royal Military College of Canada in 1992 in an Administration position. He was promoted to Colonel in 1994.

* He served 1994-98 in NDHQ in the Military Personnel Group as Director of Recruiting, Education & Training, DND before moving to the Materiel Group as Project Mgr of the LAV Project and Director of the Armoured Vehicles Program 1998.

* Subsequently, he was appointed Director Land Equipment Resources Management and EME Branch Advisor in August 2001.

* He was inducted into the Order of Military Merit in the grade of Officer in May 2002.

* In 2002, he was promoted Brigadier-General and appointed Director General Land Equipment Program Management (DGLEPM) responsible for the acquisition, mgmt and disposal of all land equipment for the Canadian Forces 2002-2005.

* He retired in 2005, and was appointed EME Col Comdt in 2008.

* He enjoys canoeing, camping and the 160 km, four day Nijmegen March. He enjoyed his 17th experience of the Nijmegen Marches on July 22, 2009

* He was active in church and Scouting groups wherever he was stationed, and involved in a number of charities in the Ottawa area.

* A recent appointment from Governor-General Michaëlle Jean has him travelling to units across the country and in Afghanistan, as well as speaking engagements honouring Canada’s soldiers.

* He is a member of Orleans United Church in Orleans, Ontario.

* He writes for Frontline Security, Canada`s information source for crisis management and response.

a) 8612 MGen (Ret`d) Richard Bastien (CMR 1971)

b) 8644 BGen (Ret’d) Jean-Michel Comtois (CMR 1971)

c) 8665 MGen (Ret`d) Edward Fitch (CMR 1971)

d) 8684 BGen (Ret`d) Peter Holt (CMR 1971)

e) 8710 BGen (Ret`d) Chuck Lemieux (CMR 1971)

d) 8684 BGen (Ret’d) Peter Holt OMM, CD, (CMR RMC 1971)

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