March to the Arch…


When you have been involved with a couple of dozens Reunion Weekends, like we have, you would think that we would pretty well know what to expect.

Well that is not the case. The incredible weather being what it was this September – something you would expect in the Kingston area for June, pretty well  threw all the expectations out the window. Most years for the main parades people are looking for blankets to keep warm.  This year it was water – to drink.

Sunday was just grand.  A great turnout on the parade by almost all the returning classes and then some. The guys and gals from the Class of 1999 were very conspicuous by their absence. From our count – zero on parade.

All classes ‘marched off’ at 1040 and returned about 60 minutes later. At the Arch, a new chaplain was pinch-hitting for the regular chaplain Paul Robinson. 22291 The Reverend / Judson Bridgewater, BA, MDiv, CD filled in very nicely.

When the Classes returned to the parade square, there were three main presentations: Two swords and the sports trophy (check sports for photo).

1. Captain Nichola Goddard Memorial Sword

The Captain Nichola Goddard Memorial Sword is presented to the Cadet deemed to be the best ROTP artillery cadet entering fourth year. 22458 Captain Goddard, who graduated in 2002, was killed in action serving her country in Afghanistan on the 17th of May 2006. Her professionalism, exceptional leadership, and love for life will not be forgotten.

The sword was donated by the late H17417 Honorary Colonel. Judge John Ross Matheson, OC, CD. The sword was presented by the senior serving gunner on parade, 14835 MGen Eric Tremblay, who is presently the Commander of the Canadian Defence Academy and the previous Commandant of RMCC.

The sword was presented to: 26317 Élof Sarah Staples

2. The Captain Matthew Dawe Memorial Sword

The Captain Matthew Dawe Memorial Sword is presented annually by the Dawe family to the Cadet deemed to be the best ROTP combat arms cadet entering fourth year. 22596 Captain Dawe, who graduated in 2004, was killed in action in Afghanistan on the 4th of July 2007. Capt. Dawe was an outstanding officer and his many qualities serve as an excellent role model to any junior leader.


The sword was presented by his father S150 LCol (Ret) Peter Dawe Sr and his mother Reine. Both General Lawson and BGen Meinzinger assisted with the presentation.

It was awarded to: 26081 OCdt Jean-Nicolas Gibeault

We had the opportunity to randomly speak with a large number of people. Including those  from the 1950s  and every decade up to ’09. Without exception – happy faces, good moods, a lot of hugs and handshakes.

We look forward to seeing all the 4s and 9s Classes back here five years from now. Bottle that weather and bring it back in 2019.


A special word of thanks to so many people who worked front and centre but also to those who worked behind the scenes. To pull off an event such an event like Reunion Weekend takes a whole lot of work by a whole lot people.

With very few exceptions, the RMCC staff can be very proud on how they treated all over visitors for Reunion Weekend 2014.

Click on photos for better viewing – More photos by Curtis Maynard and Kai Zhao – Here