2012 Graduate: 25182 Shane Beaudry has this to say to the Cadet Wing

(Another in a series of articles coordinated by 26659 Danielle Andela – e-Veritas Sr. Correspondent)

Right now I am sailing on HMCS HALIFAX as a senior Bridge Watchkeeper for Joint Warrior/Trident Juncture, which is a multi-national exercise in Europe. I am a Lieutenant Navy awaiting my upcoming Above Water Warfare Course in 2016.

Looking back at my time at RMC, I can honestly say that for the most part I did enjoy my time attending the college. It was definitely a unique experience that I have never encountered anywhere else. To me the most amazing things about it was the history behind the college and all the traditions that had been passed down throughout the years as well as all the relationships that I had made while at the college. I was fortunate enough to have been placed in an amazing squadron – 13 Squadron (which sadly was disbanded in my fourth year) – and was even more fortunate to make friendships within the squadron and the rest of the Cadet Wing that I still have to this date. I will never say that RMC produces better officers than those going through DEP or ROTP through Civilian Universities, but I will say that anyone from RMC will always have the advantage of having those friendships and relationships spread throughout the CAF as cadets make their way to their trades after graduation.


When I was at RMC the one thing that you would hear all the time was “remember these days because this will be the best time of your life”. I personally always hated that and would disagree simply because things only get better after graduating and people eventually get trained in their specific trades, whether they be Army, Air Force or Navy. What I would say though to all the Fourth Years about to graduate this year is this: “Always remember where you came from and be proud of it, but at the same time, be humble”. There is nothing worse than having someone think they are better than everyone because they came from the college, especially when you get grouped with that individual because you come from the same place. Be proud of yourself for having completed the college and recognize the fact that you already have developed a set of skills and a leadership style that you can apply in your training and the rest of your career but realize that you will always learn more and that you will have to adapt your leadership styles to your new environments. Go into your training and the rest of your career humble and without an ego and you will be successful. And try to have a bit of fun while you are at RMC, no matter which Year you are in because at the end of the day, it is still a University and things only get busier after graduating.