20 Oct 52

Little of interest happened today. Jim Graham got a huge cake as today is his birthday. Otherwise a normal working day. We only have 11 more recruits to pass off and had them out for individual training tonight. Orderly room cases took up 1 ½ hours tonight – mostly recruits up for petty things. It just wastes our time & theirs.

21 Oct 52

We ran the Harriers today and had a very cool but sunny day for it. Fritz, the old workhorse came in first, his time being 16 min 6 sec. There is quite a horde going across the square at the starting gun now – about 360 ran it. I came in 54th this year. Well the evening was shot all to hell as Moon, Hunter & I went in to the Queen’s to quaff a few and watch T.V. and old Willy Hough & Joe Pagnutti walk in. Willy is enjoying life at Queen’s very much. Then we went to see a second rate movie. Really turned in tired tonight.

25 Oct 52

This afternoon we played Carleton and won 50-0. The Carleton team was pretty well outclassed but game and scrappy. They brought about 70 supporters, lovely girl cheerleaders and an 18 piece brass band. The old Indian & I both had dates but were stood up at the last moment so we didn’t go to the informal dance here but went partying around Kingston in his truck. Lt. Slocombe had a very nice cocktail party for the sqn officers tonight – a very successful affair.

26 Oct 52

This morning the track and field meet got underway and we won our first pull against #2 sqn, lost after a heart-breaker to 4 sqn in the finals in the afternoon. Fritz twisted his knee yesterday so was unable to compete. I had a go at the ½ mile and was an also-run – this stuff is no good without training! After the track meet the obstacle race was held. The only real “obstacle” I felt was a mud slide on the magazine with a big hole of muddy water at the bottom. The rest of it was pretty well running up and down ramparts. #1 sqn recruits came through with a win in that.