Congratulations to Col (Ret’d) Nishika Jardine RMC Class of 1986, on being selected as one of Esprit de Corps Military Magazine‘s 2024 Top Women in Defence!

For over 40 years, COLONEL (RET’D) NISHIKA JARDINE has been providing outstanding leadership: in the CAF, on boards of directors for community organizations, and now as the Veterans Ombud. In the CAF, Nishika pursued a career as an officer in the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch (RCEME). A true believer in putting people first, she quickly became a role model for other military women and a mentor for the soldiers under her command.  https://www.linkedin.com/company/esprit-de-corps-magazine-and-books/

True Patriot Love Foundation – Captain Nichola Goddard Women in Leadership Series, Ottawa Panelist Highlight:

Meet Major-General J.R. Speiser-Blanchet, RMC Class of 1994, CD -Deputy Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force.
Major-General Speiser-Blanchet enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 and graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in 1994 with a degree in Computer Engineering. Earning her pilot wings in March 1996, she joined 1 Wing where she qualified on the CH146 Griffon helicopter. Her operational and staff postings include 430e Escadron tactique d’hélicoptères in Valcartier, 1 Wing Headquarters in Kingston, 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters in Winnipeg and 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron in Gagetown. To learn more about Major-General Speiser-Blanchet and the Captain Nichola Goddard Women in Leadership Series click https://bit.ly/49mZeEj


Meet Cybele Wilson, M.M.M., C.D.
Cybele (CMR RMC Class of 1998, and member of the RMC Alumni Association Board of Directors) is the Vice-President Partnerships of ADIT North America, a globally integrated risk-advisory firm specializing in economic intelligence, business diplomacy, ethical compliance, and security. Cybèle brings three decades of diverse experience to this role from her service in the military, international work in the private sector and in government in both an advisory and elected capacity.
To learn more about Cybèle Wilson and the Captain Nichola Goddard Women in Leadership Series click https://bit.ly/49mZeEj

Kathy Litalien, CMR RMC Class of 1992, is a Pepper Pod Lifeshop™ Grad, recently began a new chapter in her career as an entrepreneur and launched several franchise territories for Nurse Next Door, a home health care company. NND is a globally admired brand that helps seniors retain their independence and Age Happier at Home. Kathy’s territories include the underserved Rural Communities of Eastern Ontario and Prince Edward County, as well as Belleville and Trenton. Kathy’s vision is to become an employer of choice and provide these much-needed services in a rural area and building a rock-solid team of care providers in the region. Full story on page 11.

Esprit de Corps Military Magazine‘s 2024 Top Women in Defence!

Congratulations to Colonel Jody Hanson, RMC Class of 2000,  on being selected as one of Esprit de Corps Military Magazine 2024 Top Women in Defence!

After growing up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, JODY HANSON joined the military in 1996 “to see the world” and CAF delivered. During her subsequent 28 years of service, she has moved 14 times, and spent over seven years outside of Canada between four operational deployments (Ops APOLLO, CARAVAN, ATHENA and CALUMET), and two US postings.

Hanson, a proud RMC grad, is qualified in not one, but two RCAF aircrew occupations – Air Combat Systems Officer and Aerospace Control Officer. She also holds the distinction of being awarded the United States Legion of Merit and has completed two Master’s Degrees in Defence Studies (RMC) and Business Administration (Australian Institute of Business). In addition to her academic achievements, Col Hanson has remained operationally focussed. Throughout her stellar career, Col Hanson has excelled in every position in which she has served through her passionate but direct leadership.

Congratulations to Marie-eve Begin, RMC Class of 2002, who was selected as one of Esprit de Corps Military Magazine‘s 2024 Top Women in Defence:

COLONEL BÉGIN joined Army Cadets at the age of 12 for two unusual reasons: she “loved the uniform and wanted to do obstacle courses.” When a friend mentioned Royal Military College (RMC) as an option for university, it seemed like a natural transition to her. In 1997, she joined the CAF as an artillery officer, embarking on a journey that would shape her into the exceptional leader she is today. With a bachelor’s degree from RMC and years of training as an artillery officer, she was posted to the renowned 5 Régiment d’artillerie légère du Canada, the 5th Light Artillery Regiment of Canada. But it is not just her impressive resume that sets Col Bégin apart. With 27 years of experience under her belt, she embodies a unique blend of operational competence and a deep commitment to improving the institution.

Congratulations to Lt-Col Melanie Lake, RMC Class of 2002, on being selected as one of Esprit de Corps Military Magazine‘s 2024 Top Women in Defence!

LT-COL MELANIE LAKE is a revolutionary in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) who has ignored the glass ceiling and championed diversity throughout her career. From the moment Lt-Col Lake heard about the Royal Military College (RMC) of Canada, her adventurous spirit and passion for international affairs were ignited. Eager to engage globally, she joined the CAF and embarked on a path that would redefine what it means to be a combat engineer.

To read more on the 2024 Breaking Downs Barricades – Women in the Defence World, please click here:  https://online.fliphtml5.com/insrc/ilqq/#p=23

Chantal Fraser, CMR RMC 1990, named as an Advisory Board Member, Canadian Federation for Citizenship

The Canadian Federation for Citizenship (CFC) is a non-partisan, non-sectarian and non profit organization which aims to engage citizens of Canada to develop homegrown leadership through active citizenship.

Founded by Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla and Ghalib Abdulla, CFC works to ensure that all residents of Canada are embraced, included and respected as all Canadians to participate in Canada’s progress.

CFC’s vision is to be a prominent voice on active and inclusive citizenship as one of Canada’s civil society leaders and is steered by the principles that: (1) Citizenship is a notable relationship that binds all Canadians; (2) Citizenship requires one to be accountable for others; and, (3) Forward looking inclusion and integration policies – social, economic, political, can strengthen the merit of responsible citizenship.

Eva Martinez, CD RMC Class of 1993 named Vice-President of the RMC Atlantic Branch.

Eva Martinez embodies a lifelong passion for aerospace and aviation. Joining the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1989, Eva graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada in 1993 and the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering in 1994 holding a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Engineering Management with a specialty in Aerospace. From 1994 to 2002, Eva worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Officer (AERE) in the Royal Canadian Air Force; retiring from the military in 2002 as a Major. Eva’s postings included the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, ON, 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron in Greenwood, NS, and the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine (DCIEM) in Toronto, ON.

Eva Martinez incarne une passion pour l’aérospatiale et l’aviation. Entrée dans l’Aviation royale canadienne en 1989, Eva est diplômée du Collège militaire royal du Canada en 1993 et de l’École de technologie et d’ingénierie aérospatiale des Forces canadiennes en 1994, détenant un baccalauréat en génie en gestion de l’ingénierie avec une spécialité en aérospatiale. De 1994 à 2002, Eva a travaillé comme agente technique de maintenance d’aéronefs (AERE) au sein d’Aviation royale canadienne; elle a pris sa retraite de l’armée en 2002 au grade de major. Les affectations d’Eva comprenaient le Collège des Forces canadiennes à Toronto, en Ontario, le 413e Escadron de transport et de sauvetage à Greenwood, en Nouvelle-Écosse, et l’Institut militaire et civil de médecine environnementale (IMCME) à Toronto, Ontario.

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