1 April 52

At 0030 this morning Danny Loomis pulled an inspection here in the Frigate. It seems the boys over in 4 Sqn got together and cooked up the gag. They planned it quite well and told Danny a “planted” wallet with green dye on it had just been stolen and that the thief would have this indelible green dye on his hands. Well everyone here was too sleepy to see through it until later this morning. So while 4 Sqn was eating breakfast the Frigate crew raided their rooms and put all their footgear in Palle Kiar’s room. There was a small mountain of boots, running shoes etc when we finished. Tonight Gordy and I went in and saw the Red Shoes. I thought it was very enjoyable. Also we were privileged to hear and see “Doyle’s Talent Parade”- quite a skit!


6 April 52

Church parade into Kingston today and over to McDougall’s for dinner afterwards with Fritz. Mrs. McD gave me a recipe for some little cakes which I had praised very much. Perhaps I should immortalize them here on the opposite page. This past week has been rather slow – lectures tapering off. I’m much worse this year as far as studying goes…just can’t seem to sit down and concentrate for very long especially on something like economics.