OCdts. On Parade

: RMC Commandant, BGen Tom Lawson & nine of the cadets studying Business Admin.  Larry Stevenson (L) and Jim Leech (R) Toronto Branch Business Luncheon Well Attended And a Big Success.

By: Steve France

On 23 October, The RMC Club Toronto Branch hosted the RMC Club Business Luncheon at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel.

Special Guests were: 7771 JIM LEECH (RMC ’68), now CEO of Ontario Teachers Pension Fund and 11721 LARRY STEVENSON (RMC ’78 & former CWC) now Partner Callisto Capital and Founder of Chapters Books. Moderator was 13674 DAVE PYPER (RMC ’82) and now Partner in Blair Franklin Capital Partners.

Their speeches, focusing on Private Equity in business were superb! Together these Ex- Cadets manage over $150 billion in Capital. Mr. LEECH alone manages the largest single pool of capital in North America. The Ontario Teachers Pension Fund will soon buy out BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) for about $52 billion, by far the largest corporate buyout in history-ANYWHERE! That’s correct, $52,000,000,000! I hope Jim LEECH is on commission!

Thanks to generous donors like Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Leech, Canso Investments, Blair Franklin, Aylesworth LLP, 18 RMC Business Admin Cadets, Postgraduate students, Faculty and numerous previously unaffiliated guests were able to hear how it is done, on the multi billion-dollar scale! There were 95 guests and Ex Cadets who attended. We thank all of you for your generosity.

Thank you to 11623 John Carswell (RMC ’78), and President of Canso Investments for organizing this great event! John also volunteers his time and skills to manage the RMC Club Foundation Investment Fund. In 2006 this fund returned 10.4% with very low risk. Please stay tuned for the next RMC Club Business Lunch, in spring, 2008! I hope you will plan on joining us. TDV!

Note: Should you wish to help support the RMC Club Foundation value added programs for the College, please see our website at: www.rmcclubfoundation.ca  or call us at 1 888 386-3762.

…and now for a cadet’s perspective on the luncheon!

RMC Club Business Luncheon

By OCdt Lauren Armstrong

On the 23rd of October, ten lucky officer cadets attended the RMC Club Business Luncheon in Toronto. Over a good meal and a glass of wine, officer cadets studying in the Dept. of Business Admin. were introduced to the exciting world of private equity and exposed to the opportunities that are possible after graduation from RMC. The luncheon consisted of three speakers, all of whom are ex-cadets and have achieved enormous success in the business industry. The speakers consisted of ex-cadet Jim Leech, who oversees a $16- billion dollar portfolio for Teachers’ Private Capital, ex-cadet Lawrence Stevenson, former CEO of Chapters Inc, and David Piper, partner in a leading independent merger and acquisitions advisory firm. Between the three ex-cadets, it was clear to the young officer cadets that they have a lot to live up to, but a degree from RMC opens the door to extraordinary opportunities.

RMC participation at the Business Luncheon: Commandant Brig.Gen.Tom Lawson, Lawrence Stevenson, OCdt Ryan VanPoppel, OCdt James Astor-Perrin, OCdt Kevin Davis, OCdt Daniel Mallett, OCdt Lauren Armstrong, OCdt Leona Ahn, OCdt Chris Ward, OCdt Mitchell Lane, OCdt Cameron Chapman, Jim Leech.

Dîner-causerie d’affaires du Club du CMR

Par Élof Lauren Armstrong

Le 23 octobre dernier à Toronto, dix chanceux élèves-officiers ont participé au dîner-causerie d’affaires du club du CMR. En dégustant un bon repas et un verre de vin, les étudiants en administration des affaires ont assisté à des présentations sur l’univers fascinant des capitaux d’investissement, découvrant ainsi les opportunités qui s’offrent à eux après l’obtention de leur diplôme du CMR. Le dîner mettait en vedette trois orateurs qui, en plus d’avoir obtenu un énorme succès dans le milieu des affaires, sont des anciens finissants du CMR. Il s’agissait de Jim Leech, qui supervise le portefeuille de 16 milliards de dollars du Teachers’ Private Capital, de Lawrence Stevenson, ancien PDG de Chapters Inc., et de David Piper, actuellement sociétaire au sein d’une firme consultative indépendante de regroupement d’entreprises. Ces présentations ont clairement démontré aux élèves-officiers qu’ils ont encore bien du chemin à parcourir, mais aussi qu’un diplôme du CMR offre des opportunités extraordinaires.

Participation du CMR au dîner-causerie: Commandant Brig.Gen.Tom Lawson, Lawrence Stevenson, Élof Ryan VanPoppel, Élof James Astor-Perrin, Élof Kevin Davis, Élof Daniel Mallett, Élof Lauren Armstrong, Élof Leona Ahn, Élof Chris Ward, Élof Mitchell Lane, Élof Cameron Chapman, Jim Leech


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