RCAF Celebrates Centennial on 1 April 2024

on 1 April 2024 the RCAF celebrated 100 years of service as a distinct military element. The Centennial milestone places the RCAF in a unique position to honour its distinct heritage; recognize its tremendous people today; and generate excitement for its bright future. This is an opportunity to fuel internal and external support in the…

Happy 100th Birthday Merchant Navy Captain Earle Wagner

On Christmas Day, 25 December 2023,  our great friend and one of Canada’s National Treasures, Captain Earle Wagner, WWII Merchant Navy veteran will be turning 100 years young. Earle went on to spend 48 years in the marine industry.  To add to Captain Wagner’s accomplishments, he has established  Scholarships. To celebrate this most auspicious event,…

Naval Captain Rolfe Monteith, RCN, Celebrated 100th Birthday on 30 October

Happy 100th Birthday to Naval Captain Rolfe Monteith, Project Officer for the Canadian Hydrofoil, HMCS Bras d’Or.