OCdts. On Parade

Major construction has been the order of the day pretty well all summer around the college.


(Click on photos for better viewing)

A high profile job is going on near Panet House and the Senior Staff Mess. The other is at Valour Drive and Hewett Avenue the route to the Memorial Arch.

College authorities are confident by the time late in September when the place is full of Ex cadets, family and friends enjoying Reunion Weekend these two big projects will be finished and out of the way.

The work around Panet House and the Senior Staff Mess is called the Multi-works project. It involves water-proofing of the SSM foundation walls, modifications to the storm and sanitary water systems, and road reconstruction. The work is on-going on the exterior of the SSM building and in the basement.

The work on Valour Drive and Hewett Avenue involves road reconstruction and modifications to the storm water system.

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