RMC Cadets take a trip down RCAF memory lane

At RMC, it is rare for Air Force cadets to get such a great opportunity to get to learn about the RCAF’s history and heritage. The cadets on the trip enjoyed this short excursion and its focus on local RCAF history; they were and are very appreciative of the opportunity. The RMC Aviation Club intends to conduct similar trips in the upcoming year, and is also planning on offering a longer and more thorough air power history trip in the future. Trips such as these are a small but very effective way to teach cadets about the RCAF by looking back at its history so that they may always remember their heritage and better understand the unique challenges facing RCAF leaders of all ranks.

Royal Military College of Canada Convocation 2022

The 123rd Convocation of the Royal Military College of Canada was held on Thursday 19 May 2022 for the first time in person since May 2019.

Classes of 1981 and 1984 unveil Female Cadet Statue at RMC

“This new statue will be a permanent reminder that women and men have played a significant role at RMC serving our proud nation together as one team. ” – 14487 LCol (ret’d) Suzanne Raby, Class of 1984

Flint and Steel: Reflections on an Artist Residency

A pebble is tossed into still waters, and circles ripple forward. Sometimes that small stone can be gesture, an offering, a passing remark that can stay with us for years. Whenever Alan Bourassa gave a public reading of his latest work of fiction, he would begin by sharing the words of another author. Alan and I were grad students in creative writing at Concordia University. I have long been inspired by his gesture of carving out space for the words of another before sharing his own. It has been almost forty years since I last saw Alan. Never underestimate the impact of a small gesture, those stones you toss. The circles can ripple for years.  For a lifetime.

Survey Field School: A Student’s Perspective

We were extremely lucky to have this opportunity to take a closer look at surveying and geomatics and to get this hands-on experience using the equipment. This course has taught us valuable lessons, lessons which we will be able to apply later in our careers both during and after our time with the Canadian Armed Forces. From learning from our mistakes to helping others figure out theirs, and through learning as a class and as a team, the past two weeks have been an incredible experience that we are all grateful to have been a part of.

RMC Combat Weapons Team Update

On 9 April, the RMC Combat Weapons Team competed at the Sig Sauer Relentless Warrior Championships. RMC is the first international team to receive an invite and I’m extremely proud of these armed professionals, their conduct and performance was impeccable. Hard to believe that it took four years for this little idea to come to fruition, the long nights and persistence paid off.

They Call Him Brucie

“More hair would be visually pleasing! After all, the Cadet depicted is a senior, long past the skin-headedness of a Recruit.” The photograph of the first sculpture could possibly have led to nicknames like “Old Baldy” or “Chrome Dome”, which are hardly inspiring.

2022 Sandhurst Competition Begins 29-30 April at USMA

It wasn’t until 1975 that the competition began to resemble its current form with teams taking part in different challenges to test their military skills. Sandhurst was only an internal West Point competition until 1992 when ROTC teams began competing, and in 1993 RMAS began taking part annually. The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC-Canada) joined in 1997 and since 2002 the competition has featured a diverse group of international teams as well as the Naval, Coast Guard and Air Force academies and ROTC teams from throughout the country.

RMC Combat Weapons Team competes in the 2022 Relentless Warrior Championship

The RMC Combat Weapons Team (CWT) uses small arms training to develop necessary skills for junior officers of the Canadian Armed Forces. Using operationally relevant training methods to develop proficiency with rifles, handguns, and shotguns, the team provides its members with an environment that fosters discipline, critical thinking, and problem solving to form more confident and competent leaders, both in garrison and in combat.

RMC Band is Back!

We have found new meaning in what used to be taken for granted. We have learned it was never just about the music. It was about setting aside some time every week to dedicate to slow but steady improvement, having a way to give back to the college, and catching up with friends in the whirlwind of academics.

Resilence Plus program launches the ‘Letters Project’

The Letters Project is one of these initiatives. Aiming to connect fourth-years with those just entering, we asked graduating students to write a letter to their first-year selves and then shared these letters with incoming first-years.

Kingston Canadian Film Festival 2022 another resounding success

This excursion allowed students to critically interrogate visual art in various forms and genres: movies, documentaries, shorts, advertising, drama, comedy, horror, and coming-of-age stories. It allows them to develop their intellectual and artistic appreciation for visual storytelling. The films expose students to diverse perspectives on a range of themes salient to their generation and to the Canadian and global imagination.