Little Summer Rest for Club Staff…


Bryan Bailey, Executive Director of the Club is half way through a well deserved vacation. He is due back in his office 11 Aug.

In the meantime, contrary to what is happening in most other areas of RMCC, a steady grind of critical and time sensitive administrative type tasks is keeping Mary Darlington and yours truly, very busy, thank you.

Reunion Weekend details and getting them right is absolutely essential. The Dinner / Dance; Old Brigade Dinner; various lunches for the most part require registration before hand.

In addition to the usual points related to ensuring all the events associated with Reunion Weekend are on track; a number of growing pains associated with the new website Narrowpoint have been a major distraction. Mary has had to spend most of her time, this past week, helping to sort out the glitches in the program.

At press time, there was still much catching–up to do on a number of fronts.

In regards, to this new and upcoming website, it is still a few weeks from being fully operational. For those readers who missed a previous article (22 June) by Bryan Bailey, it may be helpful to read it here.

Samples of the reaction from the ‘Join RMC Alumni’ notice which was recently sent out:

  • I am a life member of the RMC Club, and having graduated in (purposely deleted), am an ipso facto alumnus of RMC. I can’t “join” the RMC Alumni because I’m already a member! So why would you send me this “join the RMC Alumni” impetration?
  • The clubs and sports listed seem to be limited to those being offered currently. They don’t distinguish between representative and intramural. Football was not offered as a choice. Recruit boxing was compulsory at times. ETC. Perhaps offering an ‘Other Info’ box for some narrative input would encourage input beyond your formulaic offering. Perhaps branch of service would be interesting! Perhaps Branch Membership would be useful!
  •  Very nice … Thank you! One small comment, read complaint!! (-: , about the ‘Profile’ page: No ‘Football’ the real one not flag. No ‘Wrestling’? No ‘Water Polo’? No ‘Track & Field’? Did I miss a section? Hey.. that is what I did… now I look like a nurd that didn’t do sports?! (-:
  •  This has Bryan’s signature block on it, so I assume it is legitimate. Is it?
  •  Is this new association designed to replace the excellent eVeritas newsletter?

It is obvious, that this phase of the implementation of Narrowpoint website we are experiencing growing pains which are often associated with starting up something new.

No question it is work in progress. The good news is that we have people in place; dedicated professionals who have the best interest of the Club and the members at heart, who will ensure that we get it right. It just may take a little longer than first anticipated.

On a more positive note. We sent out our semi-annual ‘Be an e-Veritas Donor’ note late last week. We have received some very nice tangible feedback in the way of sponsorships. Thank you very much! For those who have not responded as of yet, we would really appreciate hearing from you.

We plan on updating the sponsorship list this week; adding the names of those of you who are supporting us.