14 April 52

Dr. Sawyer got his claws into us today in Eco 34. I should have done a lot more work in that subject but just can’t get very enthused about economics somehow.

16 April 52

Wrote Eco 32 today and never have I gone into an examination feeling that I knew absolutely nothing about the subject. Actually the exam wasn’t too bad but I just didn’t produce the goods.

17 April 52

Today at noon Roger Granville was running himself and studying out by the boathouse when Indian and MacMillan got the idea of dousing him. So they filled up a gash bucket full of water climbed up the ladder and let the water run down the roof – it splashed all over Roger who just lay there and groaned. There was somebody at every window on the back of the Frigate and we just roared. There’s a lot of deviling going on these days – have to let off steam somehow with the exams on and no sports.

18 April 52

Military Studies today was easy. Danny came out here yesterday and we spent the afternoon playing horseshoes, chess, running and talking. His team has taken the Ontario championship and have won all their games so far at the Queens tournament. Tonight I went in and saw them win the “A” class in a game with Central Tech from Hamilton.

19 April 52

I’m on my second and last weekend now-and S.D.C. again to boot. This morning they announced that all cadets on weekend have to go to Church Parade tomorrow anyway. We were pretty browned off. But Danny Loomis got working and now we are taking fire picket for the recruits in 2 Sqn who will have the pleasure of going on parade tomorrow. I’m finally becoming less of an amateur at horseshoes. Ernie the flat servant on the 2nd deck and an old horse gunner has been giving me lessons.