e-Veritas the electronic newsletter for the RMC Club is in its 10th year.

Over this time, it has attempted to keep the military colleges community – RMC, CMR & RRMC – including cadets, ex-cadets, former & current staffs & family & friends up-to-date on what is happening (and what happened years ago). Our style, definitely not slick has the appearance, at times, that it is being compiled and laid out from a kitchen table. Guess what? The kitchen table is where we do most of the work related to e-Veritas.

By our count, this edition is # 379.

Over the past six years we have averaged over 48 Issues per year! For 2014, this is Issue #22 – do the math – we just finished week 22 for this year.

Following is a detailed summary covering that time-frame.


Note: # of Issues by Year: From Jan 2005 until mid Aug 2007, we were using a different program than the WordPress format which has been is use since that time.

2005 – (32); 2006 (28); seven months in 2007 (17) Total ‘views” (378,582) during that time-frame 2005 to 2007.

Grand total: Just over 4 million “views” in 9 1/2 years .

We get our share off “atta boys” and an equal number of complaints. We appreciate the feedback and work hard to keep the complaints to a minimum. Of course, when the complaints are valid and we can do something about improving things – we do the fix to the best of our ability. However, brain cramps do set in more regularly these days!

We wish we could post more articles in both official languages. We will keep encouraging our contributors to provide text in both english & french, however, we will continue to post in the format in which we receive the articles.

Over the past few years we have been pursuing “partners & sponsors” – which has been a big help in providing revenue to the overall RMC Club operations.   Some of the past Club revenue streams have been drying up – mainly from the Veritas magazine, Gift Shop, and the Life Membership Investment Fund (LMIF). To sustain the level of service that members deserve we (The Club)  have to be creative in generating more revenue.

Thank you for past support…

Below is a list of people who have helped us out with a sponsorship of at least $100 over the past 12 months. We deeply appreciate this and other support we have received from sponsors.


Sponsorship 101 is an annual project by the e-Veritas Editor to obtain sponsors to help offset operating expenses for the Club and e-Veritas. To be listed as an e-Veritas sponsor contact: william.oliver@rmc.ca

Sponsors who provide a minimum of $100 will be listed for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. College number, if applicable. First & last names.

Commanditaires 101 : est un projet annuel initié par le rédacteur de e-Veritas afin d’obtenir des commanditaires pour aider à compenser les frais opérationnels du Club et de e-Veritas. Pour s’inscrire en tant que commanditaire de e-Veritas veuillez communiquer avec : william.oliver@rmc.ca

Les commanditaires qui offrent un minimum de $100 seront inscrits dès le mois de payement pour un minimum de 12 mois consécutifs. Numéro matricule de collège, (si pertinent). Prénom et nom de famille.

2013 / 14:

8378 Bas Wheeler; 9143 Bruce McAlpine; 26664 Zacharie Marshall; Danny Timmins; 15008 Dave Morgan; 5337 Bob Carr; 8788 Geoff Bennett; 2908 Al Pickering; 13987 Bryan Bailey; 3334 Dave Wightman;

6172 Jim Faulkner; 6777 Michel Charron; 9913 Bob Cowden; 13659 Marian Miszkiel; 6541 Fraser Holman; 4806 John Whitaker; 5045 Ralf Awrey; 6810 Gilles Nappert; 8170 Keith Orton; 12632 Michael Ward;

3342 Craig Moffatt; H2897 Herb Pitts; 12192 Tom Lawson; 5533 Glenn Allen; H7543 Joseph Day; 14458 Harry Kowal; 8862 Denny Roberts; 8475 Rem Westland; 25057 Nalae Yang; 11848 Frank Vagi;

12059 Jacques Gagné; 23056 Brad Fee; 5228 Phil Antonsen; S149 Peter Milliken; 3069 Bill McColl;  7313 Bruce Stott.

Partners 212

We are aware that there are numerous Ex Cadets and others from the military colleges family who are in a position to help us – at the very least with a 212 partnership.

Some current 212 partners are: 17962 Rob Dargewitcz; 14019 Edward Gallagher; 17138 Steve Godreau; Elizabeth Summers; 9413 Cam Ross; 4803 Thomas H. Marshall; 15737 Bryan Brulotte; 7761 Michael M. Johnson; 7855 Paul Hession; 7264 Ross Betts; 12046 Pierre Ducharme; 12944 André Durand; 11756 Les Chapman.


$300 Club (minimum $300): 4377 Richard Evraire; 12046 Pierre Ducharme; 7761 Michael M. Johnson; 14458 Harry Kowal; 7264 Ross K Betts; H3356 Robin Cumine; 25057 Nalae Yang.

$400 Club (minimum $400):

$500 Club (minimum $500): 14418 Marnie Dunsmore; 8862 Dennis Roberts; 10080 Bob Booth.

Current Situation

We are looking for business partners & Sponsors…

We will be blitzing soon, once again, for partners & sponsors for e-Veritas. Above is a list of people who have helped us out with a sponsorship of at least $100 over the past 12 months. We deeply appreciate this past support!!  We do not expect help from these same people with this upcoming blitz.

However, if you didn’t get around to helping us last time – why not this time around? Please contact us to discuss ways on how you can help us: marketing.everitas@rmc.ca

Once again, to all you current & past – partners &  sponsors. A BIG thank you.

Bill & Rolande