H7543 Senator Joe Day Honoured with Engineers Canada Fellowship

“Senator Day has truly played a significant role in promoting the profession as a professional engineer and parliamentarian,”



The Aircraft Arresting System (AAS) Team of 22450 Maj Paul Whalen (RMC 2002) (3rd from right), Capt Steven Vézina, MWO Jean-Marc Bériault and Gabriella Sabou were recognized for their performance, dedication and management of personnel, finances and resources during implementation of the new fixed AAS at 3, 14 and 19 Wing that exceeded all expectations. The team members belong to the Directorate of Aerospace Equipment Program Management (Fighters & Trainers) under DGAEPM. They ensured that operational and tactical requirements of the RCAF were met now and in the future. The team worked in a professional manner and were highly regarded by all organizations with which they worked. Without their leadership and guidance, the project would not have achieved the success for which it is recognized.


M0539 Major Conrad Bourgeois (RRMC / RMC 1992) of the Directorate of Aerospace Equipment Management for Radar and Communications Systems in DGAEPM was awarded the United States Meritorious Service Medal in recognition of his accomplishments from July 14, 2008 to July 16, 2012. He distinguished himself in the performance of outstanding service to the United States as Deputy Program Manager, Battle Control System-Fixed, Battle Control Systems Division, Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Directorate, Electronics Systems Center, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts. During this period, Maj Bourgeois’ outstanding leadership and innovative efforts modernized homeland defense air battle management command and control capabilities for the United States and Canada. His determination expedited the fielding of five software builds, increasing the system’s flight tracking capability by 40 percent. Maj Bourgeois’ tireless efforts also led to the first ever provision for real-time visibility over the air defense network to the United States Secretary of Defense, which solidified shoot-down authority in the event of an airborne attack upon the United States. Additionally, Maj Bourgeois’ steadfast dedication ensured that system availability averaged 99.98 percent, thereby enabling over 5,000 sorties in support of Operation NOBLE EAGLE, and leading to the interception of 287 potential threats. Finally, his leadership culminated with the Battle Control System-Fixed program earning the Directorate’s nomination for the 2011 Sheily Award, and the Battle Control Systems Division Team Award for 2011. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of Maj Bourgeois reflect great credit upon himself, the Canadian Forces and the United States Air Force.


Architect builds a future for African kids

“This is the first time I am a little bit nervous,” said Roy, 67. “We are further away from our goal than in all the other buildings we have done.”

8576 Alan Roy

Article &  Primary Schools For Africa Society


Protecteur fire melted sailor’s glasses; ship towed into Pearl Harbor



Update from an article a few weeks back…

RentThisLand.com Fills “Critical Gap in Market”

Ex Cadet – Makes a deal – on CBC Dragon’s Den

22545 Shannon Veurink (Travis), RMC ’03, was featured on the March 5th episode of Dragon’s Den, presenting RentThisLand.com, an innovative farmland rental website. Together with her husband Kevin and brother- and sister-in-law Andrew and Brittany, the Veurink farm family made a very professional impressive presentation and were SUCCESSFUL in convincing two of the dragons’ to invest in their project.

To view the presentation – go here


Many thanks to our readers who responded with an interest to help our Ex cadet friend who is currently trying to navigate the complex USA immigration process. We passed on your notes and interest; we’re also aware that he has contacted some of you.