Hector enters mayoral race

“My goal is to become the full-time mayor that Kingston needs and deserves as we face some challenging times.”

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18550 Major Todd Anstey took over the position – Director Support Services at RMCC last week. A short hand-over ceremony was held in Currie Hall with commandant, BGen Al Meinzinger presiding.

Major Anstey takes over from LCol Zenith Keeping who held the position for the past two years


No Canadian boots on the ground

We are in the United Nations, and we should – when we are able and when the conditions are right – participate in peacekeeping operations.

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Air Task Force Romania pays homage to fallen RCAF veterans in Bucharest

“It’s a privilege and an honour for us to be here to recognize our fallen RCAF comrades,” said Lieutenant-Colonel David Pletz, commander of the Air Task Force. “An opportunity like this is incredibly rare, so we’re proud to have been able to pay homage to them in a solemn visit.”

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Luciuk: Remembering those who were branded ‘enemy aliens’



Army grad Coach K takes USA team to West Point

It was clear Krzyzewski, who got married at West Point on his graduation day and said he still wears his school ring, enjoyed being back at what he called the “best leadership school in the world.”


On August 21st, 2014 13738 Commander Chris Hadfield (Class of 1982) gave an inspiring talk to about 1,000 students at Melbourne’s Wesley College. 12506 Captain Lionel Boxer’s (Class of 1980) daughter Lauren, who is in year 5 at Wesley, was surprised to find him in the audience. After Chris’s presentation he was most kind to pose for this photo before he departed on quite a tight itinerary. As President of the Australia Branch, Lionel welcomed Chris to Melbourne. This is typical of meetings of the Australia Branch of the Ex-Cadet Club, where there has been a grand-total gathering of two ex-cadets. If any ex-cadets living in or visiting Australia have an interest in catching up please feel most welcome to contact Lionel at lboxer@hotmail.com

On Facbook at “RMC Club of Canada – Australia Branch” or https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/1508946176009442/

More from Chris Hadfield in Australia and the lessons from outer space