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Canadian ships arrive in Haiti, sailors get to work

“In just over 30 minutes I’m going to have two ships deploying over 200 sailors ashore in two different locations,” McDonald said.

16885 Art McDonald (RMC 1990) FULL STORY HERE

Navy crews eager to begin mission

“We have limited amounts on board but we’re waiting, trying to enable the flow of aid, and we’re going to get some aid pushed to us,”

16885 Art McDonald (RMC 1990) FULL STORY HERE


Canada’s big task in Haiti starts on small airstrip

“The ramp is pretty small. It gets pretty full with about four or five small aircraft. There is no air-traffic control. It’s quite the wild one,” Capt. Nurse said by telephone from Port-au-Prince.

23007 Mitchell Nurse (RMC 2005) FULL STORY HERE


Garneau prend la défense de Paradis

«Les attaques de M.Duceppe sont excessives. Je ne suis pas d’accord avec beaucoup de choses que fait M.Paradis ou que son parti fait. Mais le Bloc doit arrêter de traiter de Québécois de service ceux qui ne sont pas d’accord avec lui. C’est vraiment honteux. Il est temps de changer de ton»

8276 Marc Garneau (CMR RMC 1970) L’ARTICLE EN ENTIER ICI


A threat to Afghan success: Canada

“At this point in time, I’d say the enemy effectiveness has been largely arrested and we now have to deal with the greater persistent threat to success, which would be the Afghan government itself,”

15696 Jon Vance (RRMC 1986) FULL STORY HERE

U.S. soldiers may shed body armour in Afghanistan

Brig.-Gen. Jonathan Vance, said he understands what the Americans are trying to accomplish and that suggestions are fine. But he doesn’t believe it should come down to the level of ordering soldiers to stop wearing the gear.

15696 Jon Vance (RRMC 1986) FULL STORY HERE


Send in the Hornets

3528 Paul Manson (RRMC RMC 1956)  FULL STORY HERE


Calgary imam Syed Soharwardy on his fatwa against terrorism

“You have to understand that he’s a man in transition,” Mr. Cowan said. “He grew up in Pakistan and he’s still learning about Western society.

You have to go to his intent and what he intends to be is an integral part of Canadian society. He does not see Canada as a temporary aircraft carrier from which to fight battles somewhere else in the world.”

Dr. John Scott Cowan – RMCC Principal 1999 – 2008 FULL STORY HERE


ComDef  West2010

10419 David V Jacobson (CMR RMC 1975) FULL STORY HERE

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