Talking to Family…

“The Obstacle Course was amazing! I was just so in awe of it. It was overwhelming and very tough. I was so proud of all of them.”

– Grandparents of 26259 OCdt (I) Victoria Shortridge

“It was a little different watching her go through it from when her brother went through it. She’s a lot tinier!”

– Parents of 26233 OCdt (I) Jessie Whittaker

“We look forward to see how he develops. He is a lot better qualified than I was 35 years ago!”

– Parents of 26513 OCdt (I) Sam McNeill

“He is liking RMC a lot so far. We’re very excited to watch him achieve his goals and serve in the army.”

– Sister of 26525 OCdt (I) Johnathan Filiatrault

“We’re excited to watch him aspire to what he dreams of doing and seeing how he grows over his four years.”

– Parents of 26330 OCdt (I) Nicholas Kortbeek

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