First Year @ RMC January 1950 – 3069 W.A. McColl

Jan. 09 – 1950: The all too familiar “reveille: woke me up this morning. Managed somehow to stagger out on parade. Andy and I got charged for talking on the square by Big John, we got off though. Andy brought his harmonica and I have my horn here now. Polished off the box of Indians from home.

Jan. 11 – 1950: I was squadron runner today and failed to wake Bud up in time (I woke up at 0600 then went back to sleep). He wouldn’t charge me although I should have been, felt miserable about it all day. It seems I can’t do anything right no matter how easy it is. I turned out for volleyball but there isn’t much hope of making the team as Capt. Wagstaff can only take on 6 new players and most of the recruits turned out. We were issued with squadron “games jerseys” and stockings today. I just bought an RMC sweatshirt yesterday for $2.50.

Jan. 12 – 1950: As Murray was at KMH I took his place as runner today, that makes me feel better because it seems like doing extra duties for being late yesterday. We started descriptive geometry today, I can see where it will become very complicated. The padre was in to see me tonight, we chewed the fat for almost 20 minutes. I suppose he wants to get to know us better. While I was in the library tonight, Nick Findley was playing on the electric organ in Currie Hall. He is certainly musical, besides the organ he plays the violin and the bugle. It was a very enjoyable evening. I feel that I’m studying much better now, in fact everyone has settled down for this term. We all have a very affectionate feeling for the College now and everyone is trying his damnest to make the grade. I’m putting my declaration in for summer camp, decided to go to Shilo.

Jan.13 – 1950: I spent the 2 tutorial periods today playing my horn. Mike Findley brought his fiddle in and we tried to get together on a few tunes; it sounded hellish! MY lips are starting to harden up. Maj. Gen. Machen was here today and spoke to the 2nd year class. Andy twisted his back where he hurt it on the obstacle course, I hope he doesn’t run into any serious trouble with it. Bob and I went down and visited Dowsley JJ; he had some crackers and cheese which we enjoyed very much. Supper tonight was college soup and spaghetti. Tony Archabault showed me a good way of tightening up the bed spring, my bed no longer has the horrific sag in it! I won’t have to climb over the edge of it in the morning.

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