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I have noted that articles in eVeritas are using the term “Honor Guard”. This is an American term. In Canada we have Guards of Honour!! The extract below is from the Heritage Canada site, wherein CFAO 61-8, mod 8/84 is quoted as the authority. Other subjects such as gun salutes and musical salutes are also covered.

Guards of Honour

In Canada, guards of honour, mounted on occasions when full military honours are accorded, vary in strength according to the dignitaries being honoured. As a rule:

a 100 person guard is mounted for heads of state, The Queen’s representatives in Canada, governors general of Commonwealth countries, members of reigning royal families;

a 50 person guard is mounted for heads of Government (including the Vice President of the United States), ministers of National Defence, heads of Mission accredited to Canada;

16 person departure guards are also mounted for the departure from Canada of members of the Royal Family, on occasions when it is desired to involve members of a Regiment with which the Royal Visitor is associated.

4459 Ed Murray (RR RMC 1959)


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