Intramural season… half way point

By OCdt Alexander Evans, 12 Sqn CSSO

Thursday, February 13th, was the half way mark for Intramural Water polo, Volleyball, Dodge Ball, Basketball and Ice Hockey. The first half of the season has proven to be very competitive as teams jockey to get themselves into a good playoff seed to become champions and earn well deserved points towards the Commandant’s Cup. The following is a small recap of the first half of the season.

The first few regular season games have seen the emergence of some powerhouse squadrons. 8 Sqn is perfect thus far in basketball with 2 Sqn close behind with only one loss. In dodge ball both 10 Sqn and 6 Sqn have managed to win six games in a row. Currently 4 Sqn is the dominant force in the pool. They place at the top of the Water polo rankings with an impressive 6-0 season so far. However 6 Sqn follows them closely with a 5-1 record. Finally in IM volleyball news there is a tie for first. Currently both the teams from 1 Sqn and 12 Sqn are boasting impressive 5-1 records.

In Divisional Hockey news D divisions A Hockey team holds the top of the board with 7 points and a 4-1-1 record. A divisions A Hockey team follows them closely separated by only 3 points and holding a 3-0-3 record. The Top ranking in tear B hockey is also fiercely contested. C division holds 1st place with 8 points and a 4-0-1 record however only 1 point separates them from their major competition A division who hold a 3-1-1 record so far this season. It will be exciting to see how the season progresses in the next few weeks. One thing is for sure, as the games become increasingly crucial to placing Squadrons into the top 8, the competition is sure to heat up.

The hard work and good sportsmanship of everyone will be celebrated with a parade the morning of March 26th where our champions will be announced along with our Most Valuable Players and Most Sportsman like players. All are welcome to attend.

There are many people to thank for the success of this IM season so far. The CWIMO, Jordan Bannerman has done a great job. His work has been made easier by the very capable CSSOs that are working for him this semester. Their hard work has created an IM program that is in great shape. I look forward to a great second half of the season and best of luck to all IM participants.



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