RCAF turned 88 on April 1


In This Issue 14:

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Club Survey, On The Way Soon

Class Notes

Trip to Parliament Hill Help Students Connect Theory With Practice

The American Way of War – Fighting or Thinking?

The Week That Was, And More…

Top Naval Cadets Honoured at Their Mess Dinner

Spotlight on Professors: 16420 Maj John de Boer

Supplementary Physical Training Making Big Strides

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean

What are these 24 Up to these Days

Do you recognize this photo of an Ex Cadet from the 1930s?

Leonard Brothers: 532 Ibb & 537 Woody Entered RMC in 1900

“We started out to raise all the hell we could…

House Hunting Trip (HHT) Contact Our Realtor & Home Inspectors Partners

Pillbox Being Replaced – New Headgear Available for Grad

April Fool’s Day – We Hope Most Readers Enjoyed Our Effort To Have a Little Fun

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