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Christopher Alexander To Receive 2010 Birchall Leadership Award At Legacy Dinner;

Earle Morris to Coach the Champ! Bob Booth New Honourary Counsel for the Foundation;

Ex Cadet Turning 99 – 14 Aug;

RMC engages its future engineers with 3D printer;

OCdt Angela Dey: “…music is my passion.”;

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean;

Help repatriate the HMCS Royal Roads Bell;

Afghanistan: Should we stay or should we go?

H4860 Gen(Ret’d) John de Chastelain: Should we stay or should we go?

H7543 Senator Joseph A. Day: Should we stay or should we go?

S151 Senator Hugh Sega: Should we stay or should we go?

17481 Dr. Sean M. Maloney & LCol Ian Hope: Should we stay or should we go?

3139 Ted Kolber, Senator Colin Kenny & Canadians want to end Afghan mission by 2011, poll shows;

You May Know These 24…But Do You Really Know Them?


RHR Expert

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Positions Available / Postes disponibles

Device Driver Developer, Développeur de pilotes de cartes, OPAL-RT, Montreal, (min. exp. 2 years)

SAP Senior Data Planner, Planificateur Senior SAP, XSTRATA NICKEL, Laval, (min. exp. 5 years)

Software Engineer, Ingénieur de logiciels, MDA CORPORATION, Montreal, (min. exp. 4 years)

Systems Analyst, Analyste de systèmes, UNIVERSITÉ CONCORDIA, Montreal, (min. exp. 2 years)

Quality Engineer, Ingénieur(e) qualité, ALBANY INTERNATIONAL, Montérégie, (min. exp. 2 years)

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